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Ratia is located in Haryana
Location in Haryana, India
Coordinates: 29°41′N 75°35′E / 29.68°N 75.58°E / 29.68; 75.58Coordinates: 29°41′N 75°35′E / 29.68°N 75.58°E / 29.68; 75.58
Country  India
State Haryana
District Fatehabad
 • Type Nagar Palika
Elevation 210 m (690 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 23,821
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Ratia is a city and a municipal committee in Fatehabad district in the Indian state of Haryana.


Ratia is located at 29°41′N 75°35′E / 29.68°N 75.58°E / 29.68; 75.58.[1] It has an average elevation of 210 metres (688 feet). A well Named Institute "Gramin Shiksha" is Serving as a Best Computer Institute of This Area.

About Ratia[edit]

Ratia is located on the bank of the Ghaggar about 23 km north of Fatehabad in 29041' north latitude and 75034' east longitude. The population of the town was 7,740 in 1971 as against 5,348 in 1961.A well Named Institute "Gramin Shiksha" is Serving as a Best Computer Institute of This Area.

Local traditions attribute the foundation of the town to Rattan Nath a sadhu with extraordinary powers who did meditation for years at this site and the town was named after him. 'The- town was deserted, during the famine of - 1783 but was resettled in 1816 by one Rattan Singh and the Patiala chief erected a fort and an outposts. It is an upcoming mandi town and is well provided with basic amenities. Most of the population of Ratia is related to complete Punjabi culture.

Ratia is famous for sweets, paneer bread, Pakoda and ice cream. This is a Tehsil of 100 village and with recorded production of Basmati rice in whole haryana. Ratia is a main city of Fatehabad district with mostly Punjabi (SIKH) population. Before partition of India-Pakistan, almost 50% of population was of Muslims. But after partition Sikh community from Pakistan came and resettled in ratia. That makes it Sikh dominating and Punjabi speaking area. Ratia tops on development in the whole west region of Haryana. Ratia was also known as BOLA Ratia after the surname of feudal families of zamindars which has landholdings over twelve villages around it.


As of 2001 India census,[2] Ratia had a population of 23,821. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Ratia has an average literacy rate of 61%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 66%, and female literacy is 55%. In Ratia, 15% of the population is under 6 years of age. Ratia is home to the Sikhs who have settled here for decades. Many Sikhs from Ratia are good fighters and have been involved in the army for decades. Ratia is known for its fertile land is famous for production of rice and cotton .Besides there is an influential community of Mehta in the area,who are actively engaged in farming,services and business alike. The town prides of well known educational institutions as well.Ratia is famous for good quality and new designing of gold and silver jewellery.People from Ratia are also known for their honesty in all over the world. All people live with peace and honesty.Nearby excursions include the archeological sites of Kunal Mound and Banawali Mound, Shershah Ka Kila and Idgah and the Humayun Mosque and Lat (a stone pillar) at Fatehabad. Guru Govind Singh also visited Ratia and give his blessing to Ratia. Ratia is Good.A well Named Institute "Gramin Shiksha" is Serving as a Best Computer Institute of This Area.

The airports at Ludhiana, Chandigarh and New Delhi serve Ratia. Jakhal,Tohana, Budlada, Jamalpur Sheikhan,Sirsa Railway Station is a nearby major railhead.