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Stand By Soft SRL
Privately Held
Industry Software solutions
Founded 1997
Headquarters Craiova, Dolj, Romania
Products Desktop applications
Website Stand By Soft SRL

RationalPlan is a project management software suite for planning, managing, and tracking projects.[1][2][3] The suite is developed by Stand By Soft, a Romanian developer that specializes in desktop applications, developed the software.[4] RationalPlan runs on multiple platforms including Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.[2][3][5]


RationalPlan was released in 2007 for Linux and Windows. The suite was released for Mac OS X in 2008.[6] In July 2012, Stand By Soft released RationalPlan 4.0, a major version upgrade.[4][5] RationalPlan 4.1 was released in October 2012.[4] RationalPlan earned third place in software solutions at Capterra’s Project Management Election in 2012.[4][7][8]


RationalPlan consists of a project guide with three main parts; labeled Project, Planning, and Controlling, each consisting of several subcategories.[1] The project section covers basic information and scheduling, the planning section defines resources and materials, and the controlling section allows users to update and track tasks.[1][9] The RationalPlan suite includes RationalPlan Single, RationalPlan Multi, RationalPlan Viewer, and RationalPlan Server.[7] Combined, the RationalPlan suite provides management help for single projects, multiple projects, project viewing, and a centralized space for multiple users to access and manage projects.[7][8][10] RationalPlan collaborates with IBM, Sony, and Cisco to establish rules to assist users in business management.[8]


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