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ratiopharm ulm
ratiopharm ulm logo
Nickname Die Spatzen
(The Sparrows)
Leagues German League
Beko BBL Top Four
Founded 2001
Arena ratiopharm arena
(capacity: 6,000)[1]
Location Ulm, Germany
Team colors Black, White, and Orange
Main sponsor ratiopharm
Head coach Thorsten Leibenath
Website www.basketball-ulm.com
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Home jersey
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Team colours
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Away jersey
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Team colours

ratiopharm Ulm is a professional basketball club that is located in Ulm, Germany. The club has two teams, one professional team, which plays in the beko BBL, the major German professional league and one youth team, which plays in the so-called NBBL (Nachwuchs Basketball-Bundesliga). The home arena of the team is the ratiopharm Arena, an indoor sporting arena with a capacity of approximately 6,000 spectators.[2]

The mascot of the team is a rabbit, which resembles Bugs Bunny and is called "Spass" ("fun"). The main sponsor of the team is the pharmaceutical company Ratiopharm. The team colors are orange, white, and black.


2001–2006: Early years[edit]

The club was founded in 2001 after the previous professional basketball team in Ulm, run by the sports-club SSV Ulm 1846, became insolvent and had to resign from the league. Dr. Thomas Stoll and Andreas Oettel, the current CEO of the Basketball Ulm/Alb-Donau GmbH, which is the owner of the club, bought the license of the former team and started a second division team with the name of Basketball Ulm GmbH.[3] After playing in the second division for five years, the team qualified for the Basketball Bundesliga in 2006.

2006–2011: First Bundesliga seasons[edit]

In the 2006–07 season, led by Headcoach Mike Taylor and Assistant coach Rainer Bauer the team headed into their first season in the Basketball Bundesliga as the team with the smallest funds and the smallest arena in the league. With just two new players for the starting five, the team was seen by the media and many experts as the team most likely to be relegated to the second division again after the season. But due to a well-rehearsed team, with only a few players changed in the off-season, the team had some big upset wins and remained in the league with a 16-18 record. At the end of the season point guard Austen Rowland had the league's best assists per game rate and power forward Jeff Gibbs became the best rebounder in the league and was nominated as a starting-five player for the All-Star game.

Still a club with one of the smallest funds in the league, the team experienced some major changes in the pre-season of their second year in the Bundesliga because starting point guard Austen Rowland and shooting guard Jonathan Levy left the team while starting small forward Emeka Erege received a serious injury during an exhibition game. Nevertheless, the team was ranked twelfth in the league after 16 of 34 games with a 9-6 record.

In the 2008–09 season, with a young and talented team, ratiopharm Ulm had a very successful season. At the end of the 2008-09 season ulm was ranked on position five and entered the playoffs with a 21-13 record. But in the playoff the team was eliminated early, throughout a 3-0 loss against Telekom Baskets Bonn.

After a very good season in 2008-09, Ulm lost the leagues best rebounder and most efficient player Jeff Gibbs to Eisbären Bremerhaven. The 2009–10 season ended on rank thirteen, which means Ulm was far away from the playoffs and away from an relegation spot, too. In the 2010–11 season, Ulm ended on the 14th place.

2011–present: First successes[edit]

In the 2011–12 season Ulm reached the Basketball Bundesliga Finals, after finishing second in the regular season. In the Playoffs Ulm had beaten Phantoms Braunschweig and S.Oliver Baskets and had a Playoff record of 6–0 coming into the Finals. In the Finals Ulm lost to Brose Baskets from Bamberg 3 to 0. In the 2012–13 season Ulm entered a European competition for the first time, in the 2012–13 Eurocup, the team reached the quarterfinals. Ulm reached the BBL semifinals and lost in the German Cup Final as well that season.

Season by season[edit]

Season Tier League Pos. Postseason German Cup European competitions
2001–02 2 2. BBL 7
2002–03 2 2. BBL 3
2003–04 2 2. BBL 2
2004–05 2 2. BBL 2
2005–06 2 2. BBL 1 Promoted
2006–07 1 Bundesliga 12
2007–08 1 Bundesliga 12
2008–09 1 Bundesliga 5 Quarterfinalist
2009–10 1 Bundesliga 13
2010–11 1 Bundesliga 14
2011–12 1 Bundesliga 2 Runner-up Third position
2012–13 1 Bundesliga 3 Semifinalist Runner-up 2 Eurocup – Quarterfinalist
2013–14 1 Bundesliga 6 Quarterfinalist Runner-up 2 Eurocup – Eighthfinals
2014–15 1 Bundesliga 5 Semifinalist Quarterfinalist

Current roster[edit]

ratiopharm ulm roster
Players Coaches
Pos. # Nat. Name Ht. Wt. Age
PG 6 Germany Günther, Per 70001840000000000001.84 m (6 ft 0 in) 700180000000000000080 kg (176 lb) 27 – (1988-02-05)5 February 1988
G 24 Slovenia Klobucar, Jaka 70001980000000000001.98 m (6 ft 6 in)
G/F 33 Germany Schwethelm, Philipp 70002009999999999992.01 m (6 ft 7 in) 700194000000000000094 kg (207 lb) 26 – (1989-05-01)1 May 1989
C/M 16 United States Hess, Adam 70002009999999999992.01 m (6 ft 7 in) 7002100000000000000100 kg (220 lb) 34 – (1981-04-04)4 April 1981
PF 10 United States Leunen, Maarten 70002060000000000002.06 m (6 ft 9 in)
G/F 21 United States Clyburn, Will 70002009999999999992.01 m (6 ft 7 in) 700195000000000000095 kg (209 lb) 25 – (1990-05-17)17 May 1990
PG 44 Germany David, Kramer 70001880000000000001.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
F 31 Germany Philmore, Isaiah 70002029999999999992.03 m (6 ft 8 in)
C 4 Germany Ohlbrecht, Tim 70002100000000000002.10 m (6 ft 11 in)
PG 12 Germany Fritze, Soeren 70001900000000000001.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
C 14 Greece Vougioukas, Ian 70002110000000000002.11 m (6 ft 11 in)
SG 6 United States Rush, Brion 70001860000000000001.86 m (6 ft 1 in) 700176000000000000076 kg (168 lb) 31 – (1984-02-05)5 February 1984
Head coach
Assistant coach(es)

  • (C) Team captain
  • Injured Injured

Updated: 17 March 2015

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