Ratko Janev

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Ratko Janev
Born (1939-03-30) March 30, 1939 (age 76)
Sveti Vrach, Bulgaria

Ratko Janev (Macedonian: Ратко Jанев; born 30 March 1939) is a Yugoslav/Macedonian atomic physicist and a member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.


Ratko Janev studied at the University of Belgrade, where he received in 1968 a PhD degree. From 1965 he was an associate of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences "Boris Kidrič" (Vinča Nuclear Institute). From 1986 he was Section Head of the Atomic and Molecular Unit of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

Janev was Adjunct professor of nuclear physics in 1972 at the University of Skopje and Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Belgrade.[1] In the years around 2002 to 2004 he was an employee of the Department of Plasma Physics in Jülich Research Centre, Germany.

Ratko Janev is a member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.[2] In 2004 he received the Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for the project "Modelling and Diagnostics of Fusion Edge/divertor plasma" on understanding cold boundary layer plasmas in nuclear fusion reactors performed in collaboration with the Research Centre.[3]



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