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Coordinates: 27°48′N 68°17′E / 27.800°N 68.283°E / 27.800; 68.283Coordinates: 27°48′N 68°17′E / 27.800°N 68.283°E / 27.800; 68.283
Country  Pakistan
Province Sindh
 • Total 138,002 km2 (53,283 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 • Total 224,666 (estimated)
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 074
Number of towns 60
Number of Union councils 9
Ratodero Government Website

Ratodero (town) (Sindhi: رتوديرو ) is the capital of Ratodero Taluka a sub-division of Larkana District in the Sindh province of Pakistan; it is some 28 km from the district capital Larkana. Since independence of Pakistan, the city has a special reputation for its sweet products. The most special is known as Mawa and handmade caps known as Sindhi topi and footwear. At present the principal trade of the town is that of paddy and rice, and there are many rice mills.


Ratodero is considered about 350 years old. During British rule Ratodero became a Taluka of Larkana District and for a period part of the Bombay Presidency. The population according to the 1891 census of India was 61,268, which rose to 72,312 at the next census in 1901[1].Ratodero was Found by Rato Maal.

The Imperial Gazetteer of India, compiled in the first decade of the twentieth century, described the Taluka of Ratodero as follows: "The tāluka contains one town, RATO-DERO (population, 4,281), the headquarters; and 80 villages. Excepting Larkana, this is the most thickly populated tāluka in the District, with a density of 222 persons per square mile. The land revenue and cesses in 1903-4 amounted to more than 2-9 lakhs. The great Sukkur Wah (the Canal leading from the Indus) once flown near the Saint Nadar Shah, was a main source of irrigation and trade port. Merchants used to trade with Sukkur and other adjacent towns through the boats via this canal. It contains about 104 square miles (270 km2) of `reserved' forest"

Dhaak Talaa was another source of beauty of Ratodero. Which was a main picnic point in the mid of the town. Now it is remained in the name only.

The predominantly Muslim population supported Muslim League and Pakistan Movement. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the minority Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India while the Muslim refugees from India settled in the Larkana District.


Ratodero town is the headquarters of the Taluka of the same name. It is situated in 27-48∘ latitude in north and 68-20∘ longitude in east. It is located on the way from Larkana to Shikarpur. Besides, many roads, both main and link, lead from this town to surrounding towns and villages. There are roads leading to Jacobabad, Shahdad Kot, Kamber, MiroKhan, Naudero and Larkana


Ratodero Taluka is administratively subdivided into 9 Union Councils these are:

Government departments[edit]

There are many government offices in the town including

In addition to that there are branches of following banks in the town

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