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Phra Ratsadathirat[1] (Thai: พระรัษฎาธิราช) (1529–1534) was the king of Ayutthaya from 1533 to 1534 - only for 5 months. Prince Ratsadathirat was the son of Borommaracha IV who died suddenly in 1533 from an epidemic of small pox. Prince Ratsadathirat, aged 5, succeeded his father as the king of Ayutthaya. Due to his minority, his government was dominated by a number of regents including the Samuha Na Yok and the Samuha Kalahom.

In 1534, his uncle Prince Chairacha who was the Uparaj at Pitsanulok staged a coup and executed Ratsdadathirat and then assumed the throne of Ayutthaya.


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