Rattlesnake (roller coaster)

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Chessington World of Adventures 019.jpg
Chessington World of Adventures
Park section Mexicana
Coordinates 51°20′55″N 0°19′04″W / 51.348662°N 0.317796°W / 51.348662; -0.317796Coordinates: 51°20′55″N 0°19′04″W / 51.348662°N 0.317796°W / 51.348662; -0.317796
Status Operating
Opening date 1998
General statistics
Type Steel – Wild Mouse
Manufacturer Maurer Söhne
Designer Werner Stengel
Model Wilde Maus Classic
Lift/launch system Chain lift hill
Height 49.25 ft (15.01 m)
Length 1,213 ft (370 m)
Speed 28 mph (45 km/h)
Inversions 0
Capacity 900 riders per hour
Height restriction 140 cm (4 ft 7 in)
Fastrack available
Rattlesnake at RCDB
Pictures of Rattlesnake at RCDB

Rattlesnake is a steel wild mouse style roller coaster ride which opened in 1998 Chessington World of Adventures Resort.[1] As of October 2014, the Wild West-themed ride continues to operate. [2]


Entrance to the roller coaster

Rattlesnake is a steel wild mouse style roller coaster ride which opened in 1998 at Chessington World of Adventures Resort as the theme park's third coaster. It was designed by Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH, and manufactured by Maurer Söhne / Wilde Maus Classic. it is over 1000 feet long.[3] Rattlesnake was refurbished over the 2013 season, all the queue line animatronics were replaces, the station was repainted and the surrounding theming was replaced.


Due to local planning restrictions (a result of the park being on green belt land[citation needed]) the land designated for the ride area was excavated, resulting in the ride being partially submerged below ground level. The layout consists of a steep lift hill, sharp turns and small airtime hills.

The Rattlesnake is themed around a Mexican mine of the Wild West era, with the cars resembling mine carts and a number of wooden structures and animated figures. The installation of the ride prompted the renaming of the park's 'Calamity Canyon' area to 'Mexicana', which it remains today.

Height restrictions[edit]

Rattlesnake shares the tallest height restriction with Rameses Revenge at the park: minimum 1.4 metres, maximum 1.96 metres. There are also chest restrictions for waist measurements 51 inches or above. However, if the lap-bar cannot fit over one's legs, then one cannot ride as they cannot be kept restrained![2]


Mine tunnel 

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