Rattray Head

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Rattray Head lighthouse
Looking south across the sand dunes at Rattray Head
For the village, see Rattray, Aberdeenshire.

Rattray Head (About this sound listen ),[1] historically Rattray Point, is a headland in Buchan, Aberdeenshire, on the north-east coast Scotland. To north lies Strathbeg Bay and Rattray Bay is to its south. The dunes at Rattray Head beach can be up to 75 feet (23 m) high and stretch 17 miles (27 km) from St Combs to Peterhead.[2][3]

Rattray Head lighthouse[edit]

The 120-foot (37 m)[2][3] Rattray Head lighthouse was built in 1895.[4][5] It was built by the engineers and brothers David Alan Stevenson and Charles Alexander Stevenson. In February 1982 it became unmanned and self-working.[2][3]

The lighthouse is accessible by way of a causeway that is usually underwater being only visible at low tide. It is wide enough for a vehicle to cross.

Remains of several shipwrecks can still be seen on the beach.[2][3]


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