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This article is about the former municipality in Norway. For the American diplomat, see Scott Rauland.

Rauland is a former municipality in Telemark County, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Vest-Telemark.

It was created in 1860 from the districts of Rauland in Vinje and Øyfjell in Lårdal as a border adjustment. The new municipality had a population of 988. On 1 January 1964, Rauland was incorporated into Vinje. Prior to the merger Rauland had a population of 1,656.

Rauland is known for hiking, recreation and skiing. Telemark University College has a campus in Rauland. Well-known snowboarding celebrity, Terje Håkonsen, started his career in Rauland.

Notable residents[edit]

The name[edit]

The municipality (originally a parish) is named after the old farm, Rauland (Norse Rauðaland), since the first church was built there. The first element is the genitive case of rauði m 'bog-iron', the last element is land n 'land, farm'. (The many marshlands in the parish are filled with bog-iron, and for centuries its production was an important local resource.)

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Coordinates: 59°44′N 8°00′E / 59.733°N 8.000°E / 59.733; 8.000