Raunds Co-operative Society

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Raunds Co-operative Society
Consumer Co-operative
Headquarters United Kingdom
Area served
The Co-op Food Store in Raunds.

Raunds Co-operative Society Limited was a consumer co-operative society based in Raunds, Northamptonshire, founded in 1891.[1]

The society operated a large supermarket and a department store in Raunds, and as of 2007 held 350 acres (1.4 km2) of farmland at Northdale Farm, farming wheat and oilseed rape.[2] It had 4,297 members in 2003.[3] It was a subscriber to the Co-operative Party and a customer member (shareholder) of the Co-operative Wholesale Society.

In 1983, it merged with the Ringstead Distributive Co-operative Society.[1]

In early 2007, directors of the society presented to members a plan to merge with the much large Midlands Co-operative Society,[4] but it did not reach the required vote of two thirds of members when put to a special general meeting on 5 July 2007. However, a confirmatory meeting was held on 16 August and this time the vote to merge was carried.[5] The two societies merged on 26 August 2007.

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