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Ravago is a Belgian plastic producing company with its headquarters located in Arendonk, Belgium. The company is active in the distribution, resale, compounding and recycling service for plastic and elastomeric raw materials. Ravago is world leader in plastic recycling.[1]Theodoros Roussis is the Chief executive officer of the company[2]

Ravago has 4 main subsidiary companies: Entec, Channel Prime Alliance, Muehlstein, and Ravago Manufacturing Americas.[3] Ravago has plastic compounding facilities in the United States located in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas.[4]


On 25 April 1961, the company was founded by Raf Van Gorp and in 1965 he bought the premises of his former employer, a dynamite company (PRB: Poudre Reunion d'Arendonk, Belgique) in Arendonk. In 2006, Ravago acquired Muehlstein, an American polymer producing company.[5][6] Together they produce more than $5 billion of plastic and rubber polymers to over 28,000 manufacturers in 80 countries. Ravago employs about 5000 people of which 700 in Belgium.


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