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Ravenskull is an Original English-language manga written by Christopher Vogler and illustrated by Elmer Damaso. It has been published by Seven Seas Entertainment. The story is written as a sequel to Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe and takes place during the reign of King Richard I of England. The manga features characters from Ivanhoe, including Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe, and historical figures, such as Prince John.


Ravenskull is about Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, a Templar knight in England that loves a woman, Rebecca of York, who loves his worst enemy — Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe. In a sudden madness, he kidnaps her and Sir Ivanhoe and takes her to his brother's castle at Front-de-Bœuf. The castle is attacked by Robin Hood's archers and Sir Brian flees, taking Rebecca with him. Sir Ivanhoe is released from the castle's dungeon. His actions are blamed on Rebecca, who the court believes is a witch because she is a healer. To save her life, Rebecca demands a trial by combat; a knight would fight for her against another, one representing the defense and another for the prosecution. Sir Brian is forced to fight for the prosecution. He is defeated, dies, and his love takes him off to properly bury him. Rebecca is transported to a bizarre spiritual world in which she guides Sir Brian back from death.

A curse is placed on Rebecca and Sir Brian for venturing towards death and returning to life. The head of the Templars tells them that the Talisman of Arbatel might save their souls.

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