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Ravi Babu Tammareddy
Born Ravi babu . Tammareddy
Occupation Actor, director, producer & writer
Years active 2000-present
Spouse(s) Anali

Ravi Babu (Telugu రవి బాబు)


He is the son of noted actor T Chalapathi Rao who acted in many films as character artist and Villain. He did a course in direction and directed some films. His debut movie is Allari Introducing Naresh (later he named after that movie Allari Naresh), a comedy film with different screen play and direction. Later he directed films such as Ammailu Abbailu, Soggadu, Party with the concept of comedy and worked well.

After the movie Party, he changed track and directed Anasuya, a suspense thriller starring Bhumika Chawla in the lead role, Nikita Thukral and himself in other roles. It was a box-office hit and earned fame for him. After Anasuya, he directed the love story Nachavule, which was another surprise hit at the box office. Then he returned to thrillers and directed Amaravathi based on hypnotism concept, which fared below average at the box office. He alternately directs one thriller and one love story most of the time. His next film was Manasaara, a love story set in Kerala. It stands out as one of the best technically of his films and though it did not do well at the box office it received critical appreciation. Introducing six newcomers, he directed his next film Nuvvila which gave him another decent hit. For the first time he took a horror subject and made Avunu starring Poorna in the lead role. This film received critical acclaim and did very well at the box office. It emerged as one of the biggest hits in his career.

Up to now, Ravibabu is well known for his expertise in handling both thriller and horror genres, as well as love stories, using new faces. Apart from this, he also excelled as an actor in Telugu movies with his comedic timing and typical villainism. Currently he is busy with his next venture, which will be his another youthful comedy and sequel of Avunu.


As actor[edit]

  1. Alludu Seenu(2014)
  2. Nagna Satyam (2014)
  3. Prema Oka Maikam (2013)
  4. Anthaka Mundu Aa Tarvatha (2013)
  5. Swamy Ra Ra
  6. Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (2013)
  7. Gundello Godari
  8. Avunu (2012)
  9. Manasara (2011)
  10. Prathiroju
  11. Amaravathi (2009)
  12. Padhamoodu (2009)
  13. Yavarum Nalam (2009)
  14. Nachav Alludu
  15. Brahmanandam Drama Company (2008)
  16. Kalidasu (2008)
  17. Anasuya (2007)
  18. Party (2006)
  19. Naani (2004)
  20. Ammayilu Abbayilu (Release Date: 29 Jan 2003)
  21. Murari (2001)
  22. Neti Gandhi
  23. Mavidakulu
  24. Tholi Prema (1998)
  25. Nenunnanu
  26. Chala Bagundi
  27. Racha (2012)
  28. Anaganaga Oka Deerudu
  29. Aakasamlo sagam
  30. Sivayya

As director/producer/writer[edit]

  1. Avunu 2 - Director
  2. Allari Naresh's Laddu Babu (2014) - Director & Writer
  3. Avunu - Director & Writer
  4. Nuvvila (2011) - Director & Writer
  5. Manasara (2010 film) - Director & Writer
  6. Amaravathi - Director & Writer
  7. Nachavule - Director & Writer
  8. Anasuya (2007) - Director, Producer & Writer
  9. Party (2006) - Director
  10. Soggadu (2005) - Director
  11. Ammayilu Abbayilu (Release Date: 29 Jan 2003) Director & Writer
  12. Allari - Debut movie as Director & Writer