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Raw Comedy is an Australian annual competition for emerging stand-up comedians held by Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It was established in 1996 and is supported by national youth radio station, Triple J. In 2011, there were 1,100 contestants.[1]

Heats take place in major Australian cities through January, February and March.[2] State semi-finals and finals are held in the state capitals in March. The final is held as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in April and televised on ABC.

The winner of Raw Comedy is sent to the So You Think You're Funny competition at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Three Raw Comedy winners, Drew Rokos, Nick Sun and Demi Lardner, have gone on to win So You Think You're Funny.

Past winners and finalists[edit]

Year Winner(s) Other finalists
1996 Adam Spencer (NSW)[3]
1997 Subby Valentine (NSW)
1998 Chris Franklin (NSW)
1999 Chris Wainhouse (Qld)
2000 Drew Rokos (Vic)
2001 Emily O'Loughlin (SA)
  • Alan Rutledge (Qld)
  • Eleven Thh (Tas)
  • Geraldine Hickey (Vic)
  • Luke Whitby (SA)
  • Martin Steel (Qld)
  • Michael Chamberlin (Vic)
  • Penny Tangey (Vic)
  • Robert Nix (NSW)
  • Ronan McChesney (NSW)
  • Ross Janetzki (Qld)
  • Terry North (Vic)
  • Vanessa Hill (NSW)
  • Xavier Michaledes (WA)
  • Yianni Agisilaou (Vic)
2002 Dave Elvins (NSW)
2003 Nelly Thomas (Vic)
Steve Sheehan (SA)
  • Sam Simmons (SA)
  • Jeremy Miller and Chris North (NSW)
  • Shalini Akhil (Vic)
2004 Nick Sun (NSW)
2005 Josh Thomas (Qld)
2006 Hannah Gadsby (Tas)
  • Michael Williams (Vic; runner-up)
  • Celia Pacquola (Vic; Raw Recruit Prize)
  • Dylan Bennett and Kadek Hobman (NT; runner-up)
  • Bart Freebairn (Qld)
  • Bec Hill (SA)
  • Tom Ballard (Vic)
  • Jeff Hewitt (WA)
  • Danii Johnstone (NSW)
  • Paul Ayre (NSW)
  • Sasha Terranova (Vic)
  • Matt Burton (Tas)
  • Ben Jenkins (NSW)
  • Selina Jenkins as "Beau Heartbreaker" (Vic)
2007 Jonathan Schuster (Vic)
  • Aamer Rahman (Vic; runner-up)
  • Jack Druce (NSW; Raw Recruit Prize)
  • Xavier Susai (WA)
  • Shaun Conroy (Qld)
  • Ellen Briggs (Qld)
  • Maverick (NT)
  • Aleisha McCormack (Tas)
  • Anyone for Tennis (Vic)
  • The D (SA)
  • Tracy Crisp (SA)
  • Saikim Wan (NT)
2008 Neil Sinclair (Vic)
  • David Cunningham (NSW; runner-up)
  • Laura Davis (WA; Raw Recruit Prize)
  • Mel Buttle (Qld)
  • Ryan Coffey (Vic)
  • John Conway (WA)
  • Michele Fryer (SA)
  • Scott McGowan (NT)
  • Luke McGregor (Tas)
  • Louise Sanz (Vic)
  • Smart Casual (NSW)
  • Jay Sullivan (ACT)
2009 Michael Workman (WA)
  • Charles Barrington (Anthony Rogers) (Vic; co-runner-up)
  • Don Tran (Vic; Raw Recruit Prize)
  • Mikey Mileos (NSW)
  • Rhys Nicholson (NSW)
  • Tracey Cosgrove (Tas)
  • Shikhar Thakur (WA)
  • Adam Keily (SA)
  • Nicole Roddy (NT)
  • Pam Rana (Qld)
  • Ben and James Stevenson are The Stevenson Experience (ACT)
  • Ash Walmsley (Qld; co-runner-up)
  • Shannon Woodford as "Adele" (Vic)
2010 Luke Heggie (NSW)[4]
  • Ronny Chieng (Vic; Special Mention)
  • Geoffrey Windle (Qld; Special Mention)
  • Catherine Hall (Vic)
  • Callan Durlik (WA)
  • Levi Dobson (NT)
  • Moataz Hamde as "Mo-Taz" (SA)
  • James Mullany (WA)
  • David Bakker (Tas)
  • Sam Radford (Vic)
  • Anne Edmonds (Vic)
  • James McCann (SA)
  • Peter Escott (Tas)
2011 Dayne Rathbone (Vic)[5]
  • Khaled Khalafalla (Vic; runner-up)
  • Tom Gaynor (SA; runner-up)
  • Xenethor (NT)
  • Adam Knox (Vic)
  • Adam Francis (Vic)
  • Tien Tran (WA)
  • Genevieve Fricker (NSW)
  • Laura Hughes (NSW)
  • Sam Campbell (Qld)
  • Ting Lim (Qld)
  • Claire Sullivan (Tas)
2012 Lessons with Luis (Vic)[6]
  • Amos Gill (SA; runner-up)
  • Cameron James (NSW; runner-up)
  • Andrew Wolfe (NSW)
  • Hayman Kent (Vic)
  • Mitchell McCutcheon (Qld)
  • Georgie Carroll (SA)
  • Mike Nayna (Vic)
  • Dylan Hesp (Stephen) (Tas)
  • Kyle Walmsley (NT)
  • Jon Pinder (WA)
2013 Demi Lardner (SA)[7]
  • Cameron Duggan (Qld; runner-up)
  • Andy Matthews (Vic; runner-up)
  • Chris Menezies (Tas)
  • Justin Crooks (NT)
  • Sean Conway (WA)
  • Colin Ebsworth (WA)
  • Jay Morrissey (Vic)
  • Megan McKay (Vic)
  • Aaron Chen (NSW)
  • Becky Lucas (Qld)
  • Tim Noon (ACT)
2014 Matt Stewart (Vic)[8]
  • Katie Burch (NSW; runner-up)
  • Cyrus Bezyan (NSW)
  • Jennifer Burke (Qld)
  • Michael Kelly (NT)
  • Megan McCrea (Vic)
  • Kerri Gay (Tas)
  • Matt Storer (WA)
  • Marc Ryan (SA)
  • Simon Etheridge (WA)
  • Justin Hayward (Vic)
  • Rohan Desai (Raw India winner and special guest)
2015 Angus Gordon (Qld)[9]
  • Rohan Ganju (VIC; Runner-up)
  • Jess Perkins (VIC;Special Mention)
  • Sam Taunton (VIC;Special Mention)
  • Jono Mastrippolito (TAS)
  • Amy Hetherington (NT)
  • Anamarg (ACT)
  • Charlie McCann (NSW)
  • Cory John Rist (WA)
  • David McNevin (NSW)
  • Ismail Ali (VIC)
  • Nicholas Huntley (SA)


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