Rawlathus Saliheen Ahadiya School

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Rawlathus Saliheen Ahadiya
"Emblem of Rawlathus Saliheen".jpg
Seek knowledge from cradle to grave
Mabola, Sri Lanka
Established 1992
Principal M.S.M.Naoordeen
Grades 1 - 11
Medium of language Sinhala , Tamil , English
Affiliation Muslim

Rawlathus Saliheen Ahadhiya (Daham) School is an Islamic Ahadiya school founded in 1992 under the guidance of All Island Ahadhiya School Federation in Sri Lanka and registered under The Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs (MRCA) in Sri Lanka. It is situated Gampaha District in Mabola, Wattala. From grades 1 - 11, classes are conducted in Sinhala , Tamil, and English languages.


According to a hadith of Prophet Muhammad (sal), He (sal) said,"Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave". Rawlathus Saliheen uses the statement of Muhammad (sal) as its motto.[citation needed]

Ahadhiya School Anthem[edit]

Fear our Lord Allah, Every Day
His Command and His wish let's obey
Whatever should happen let us say
It is all His will,come what may

Our Prophet of this world and the next
His example,let us not forsake
Let's rejoice, be carefree and content
Whatever sacrifice we'd have to make

To us who live in this land
Make our lives sublime and bright
Ya Allah bless us with knowledge
Shower thy mercy,compassion and might

Let's be thankful for our noble religion
Hold fast unto it sincerely
In all its serenity and glory
Let's indulge in Thakbeer constantly

Like a lamp shining in the deepest darkness
Let us spread Islam in all its light
May the Ahadhiya Movement in our homeland
Rise with Iman to the highest

Sectional Arrangements[edit]

  • Kindergarten Section - Rawlathul Athfaal (Ages 4 - 5)
  • Primary section ( Grades 1 - 3)
  • Junior Section ( Grades 4 - 6)
  • Junior Intermediate ( Grades 7 - 9)
  • Senior Section ( Grades 10 & 11)


  • Tharbiyyah Islamia (Islamic Morals)
  • Al Quran & Sunnah
  • Seera and Thariq (Islamic Biographies & History)
  • Fiqhul Islam (Islamic Jurisprudence)
  • Al Akhlaq (Islamic Ethics)
  • Aqidha and Masadhirush Shariah (Islamic Principles and Legal Sources)