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Ray's MTB Indoor Park is located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is the world's first multi-terrain indoor bike park.[citation needed]

The original Cleveland location opened in the second half of 2004. The 92,000 sq ft (8,500 m2) park only operates during the colder half of the year. Where as indoor skate parks have existed for skateboarding and BMX, and there are examples of indoor dirt jumps, this is the first facility that aims to provide a whole spectrum of mountain bike terrain and disciplines. It is aimed both to improve skills and introduce riders to new disciplines in a safer environment as well as providing riding facilities during the winter. It is unique in that different riding styles are found in proximity to each other. Its initial success has attracted interest from the industry with companies keen to sponsor new areas and events. Having proven to the industry that this format works, it may act as a template by which other examples may follow around the world. The Milwaukee location opened December 31, 2010.


Every year, Ray's introduces one to two new rooms to the park for people to ride.

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