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Ray Von is a fictional character that appears in UK sitcom Phoenix Nights. He is played by comedian and actor Neil Fitzmaurice who also co-wrote the series.

In Phoenix Nights, Ray Von introduces himself as "Ray Von" derived from the phrase "Rave on!". He is a former fairground gypsy, and is an accomplished electrician, with a great interest in DJing and sound engineering. He is recognisable by his 1980's clothing and mullet hairstyle.

He got his job at The Phoenix at the grand opening of the club, there was a powercut, and Ray managed to save the event by fixing the power (albeit by illegally wiring the club up to a neighbouring lampost. Club owner Brian Potter offered him a proposition he couldn't refuse, a job at the club as a DJ.

He is rumoured (falsely) to have spent time in prison for killing his girlfriend Tracy Burns, which seems totally out of character for his easy going, cool nature. This is a rumour Brian Potter is duped into believing until he meets Tracy in person.