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Regions with significant populations
 Pakistan India
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The Rayeen is a Sunni Muslim community who were originally petty landowners or gardeners[1][2][3] and are present mainly in Western part of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. Many have associated with the Arain community of Punjab.[4][5]They are said to get their name from Rayeen mountains, which are said to exist somewhere in Arabia. They speak Urdu, Hindi, In fact the RAYEEN commuinity of UP West like Bareilly and Pilibhit are the most educated but they call themselves as Kunjda for the purpose of getting benefit of OBC kota.some belong to politics like samajwadi or congress and Rayeen traces their origin from Syria Arabclaiming relationship with Pakistani landlord Rayeen Community. Many members of Rayeen community have migrated to Pakistan after independence have settled in Karachi, Sindh. History and origin According to the traditions of the tribe, they were originally settled along the banks of the Ghaggar river, in what is now Haryana. Their ancestors were business, living in Uch, near the city of Multan, in Pakistan, but were overthrown by a powerful enemy. They fled and settled in on the Ghaggar about Sirsa, and held the whole of the Ghaggar valley from Bhatner upwards to near Tohana, being in possession of 116 villages. .The region was afflicted by a major famine in 1584, and as a result of this famine and attacks by the Bhattis and Ranghars, they left the region and settled in Bareilly and Pillibhit districts. These Ghaggar Rayeen may be connected with the much larger Arain tribe, which was historically settled along the banks of the Sutlej river, not far from the settlement of the Rayeen.[6] many Rayeen died and got separated from their familieswhen India got independence from the British Raj. The movement involved many political and social organizations and armed and unarmed struggle. also contributed to the movement with the most famous person "Mohandas Gandhi.

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