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Raz may refer to:



Raz is an alternative spelling for ras "strong sea current", now dated, but still in the expression raz-de-marée "tidal wave". It is from Norman ras, itself from Old Norse rás like race in English.

  • Pointe du Raz, the western point of the commune of Plogoff, Finistère, France
  • Raz de Bannes or raz d'Urville, strong current off Urville-Nacqueville in Manche department, Lower Normandy
  • Raz de Barfleur, strong current at Pointe de Barfleur off Barfleur, Manche département, Lower Normandy
  • Raz Blanchard (Race of Alderney), a strong tidal current between La Hague and Alderney
  • Raz de la Percée, strong current at Pointe de la Percée off Englesqueville-la-Percée in Calvados, Lower Normandy
  • Raz de Sein, a stretch of water located between the Ile de Sein and the Pointe du Raz in Finistère in the Brittany region of France




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