Razan Moughrabi

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Razan Moughrabi
رزان مغربي
Born 1973 (age 40–41)
Origin Lebanon
Genres Arabic
Occupations Presenter, singer, actress.
Years active 1990s - present

Razan Moughrabi (in Arabic رزان مغربي also known as Razan in Arabic رزان) is a famous Lebanese singer, actress, and TV presenter on Arabic television. She holds British Citizenship.[1]


Razan started presenting at Future Television. At the time she was the youngest television presenter on Lebanese TV and presented her popular show 'Leil Maftouh' for three and a half years. Arab-International television network MBC, were extremely impressed by her work and offered her a permanent position as a presenter, basing her in London, to work on shows to be aired worldwide. Over the next few years she would try and test different shows in order to find her calling. She presented a series of a style of programs from cinema to fashion, society d bloopers, but none met her creative needs until she herself created the show 'Pops and Tops'. The music show with the name 'borrowed' from the famous English television program was a big success and had a huge range of A-list interviews and a vastarray of personal contacts to keep the show extremely triumphant. It was only a matter of time before the BBC would contact Razan and offer her to be the official TV presenter to Top of the Pops for the Middle east, realizing the potential Razan had as a successful and lovable presenter. Her own cosmetics line will be recently launched, with a full range of make-up and herown perfume brand, Raz de Razan. The line has proved to be very popular in Arab countries, and will soon be making its way towards Lebanon. This year also saw the launching of two huge shows hosted by Razan including the Middle East version of Big Brother. She released her own cosmetics line with her own perfume brand, Raz de Razan.[2] Lately there was a clip posted on YouTube showing her performing sexual acts on an unknown male which later she said it was her husband. Razan was also featured with Egyptian pop star Amro El Meligy in his song "Breaking Me Down".