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A Kashmiri Surname, The evolution of Razdan begins with its early ancestors. Even in the earliest days of a name there are changes in that name simply because family names were infrequently written down at that stage in history.

Razdan - The census report of 1819 states that Razdan is a corrupted form of ancient Sanskrit epithet Rajanak. Stein is of the view that 'the title Rajanak, meaning literally "a king", used to be given for services rendered to the King. The title has survived in the form of Razdan as a family name of very free occurrence among the Brahmans of Kashmir. It was borne by Rajanaka Ratanakara, the author of the Haravijaya (9th Century), and by many Kashmirian authors of note enumerated in the Vamsaprasasti which Anama Rajanaka (17th Century) has appended to his commentary on the Nisadhacarita. As the designation of certain high officials (Muhammadans), the term Rajanaka is often used by Srivara and in the fourth chron (also in the shortened form Rajana).' R. S. Pandit states that the title Rajanaka was continued under Muhammadan rule and was conferred on Muslim officers.

It was common for a family name to change as it enters a new country or language. As families, tribes, and clans moved between countries and languages, the Razdan name may have changed with them. Razdan ancestors have travelled around the world all throughout history.

The nationality of Razdan may be very difficult to determine because country boundaries change over time, leaving the nation of origin indeterminate. The original ethnicity of Razdan may be difficult to determine depending on whether the family name came into being naturally and independently in different locales; e.g. in the case of last names that come from a professional trade, which can appear in multiple countries independently (such as the family name "Dean" which may have been adopted by members of the clergy).

The meaning of Razdan come may come from a craft, such as the name "Brewster" which refers to a female brewer. Some of these craft-based surnames can be a profession in another language. This is why it is important to understand the country of origin of a name, and the languages spoken by its early ancestors. Many names like Razdan originate from religious texts such as the Bhagavadgītā, the Quran, the Bible, and other related texts. Commonly these family names relate to a religious sentiment such as "Favored of God".

Razdan may refer to: