Razor Blade Smile

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Razor Blade Smile
Official Teaser Poster
Directed by Jake West
Written by Jake West
Starring Eileen Daly
Christopher Adamson
Heidi James
Music by Richard Wells
Cinematography Jim Solan
Editing by Jake West
Studio Palm Pictures
Manga Live
Bestalk Films
Eye Deal Image
Distributed by Palm Pictures
Release dates 19 September 1998
Running time 102 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget £20,000

Razor Blade Smile is an independent British vampire film directed by Jake West and stars Eileen Daly, Christopher Adamson and Heidi James.


150 years ago, Lilith Silver is mortally wounded as she attempts to avenge the dueling death of her lover by Sir Sethane Blake. Enamored by her spirit, Sir Sethane reveals himself to be a vampire and grants Lilith the gift (and curse) of eternal life as a vampire. Today, Lilith moves through the city as a contract killer hired to eliminate all members of the mysterious and evil Masonic "Illuminati" sect, the leader of which, not coincidentally, is Sir Sethane. Clad in black latex and armed with a coffin full of weaponry, the vampiric hitwoman hunts down her targets while the police close in on her trail, desperate to end the carnage.



Much of this film was shot in Jake West's parents' house and near some rock formations in Tunbridge Wells. Also featured is a Goth bar in Hampstead, London called Transilvania. The lead character in the film is a vampire assassin called Lilith Silver played by actress Eileen Daly.[1] Razorblade Smile was Heidi James' first and last film appearance. Although she had no intention of embarking on an acting career, she was given the role of Ariauna following a brief relationship with director Jake west.


The film won most of the top awards in the first B-Movie Film Festival (1999), including Best B-Movie, Director (Jake West), Actress (Eileen Daly), Cinematography, and Special Effects.[2]


The film premiered on 19 September 1998 at Fantastisk Film Festival Lund and was released in the UK as part of the Raindance Film Festival on 22 October 1998. According to the DVD commentary it is probably the lowest budget film ever to receive a cinema release in the UK. It has a production budget of £12,000 and post-production budget of £8,000. Totaling a budget of approximately £20,000.[3] The DVD is distributed by Manga Entertainment Ltd.


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