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Developer(s) Reazon Systems Inc
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Learning Management System
Website www.RCampus.com

RCampus is an innovative web-based Education Management System with collaborative learning community built by Reazon Systems Inc. (Reazon)

RCampus comprises an e-learning platform (also known as a Course Management System (CMS), Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ), Assessment System, ePortfolio System, Virtual Campus Community System, Online Book Exchange Network, and others.

RCampus is free for individual students and teachers from K-12 through Higher Education. Members can use RCampus for managing their courses and assignments, archiving and self-publishing academic artifacts, and to manage collaborative work and stay connected with other academic stakeholders. RCampus is also available for educational institutions and corporations with licensing or hosting options. School and corporation editions come with administrative tools. It was built from scratch for stability and reliability while scalable from homeschoolers to school districts.

One of many unique features of RCampus is that members maintain a lifelong access to their academic artifacts. Unlike other systems that tie users to a single course or school where access is lost once they leave school, open access and cross-campus operability of RCampus allow members to keep and access their artifacts for as long as it needs to be.


RCampus was beta released in 2005 to complement the online community aspect of ClassCentral and FacultyCentral, the early version of a fully web-based Course Management System pioneered by Reazon in 1999. The early version was a dual-site with a separate access point by students and teachers at ClassCentral.com and FacultyCentral.com, respectively. It was conceived by the Reazon founder from his own personal teaching needs. Both sites are still in operation, however, they are scheduled to be phased into RCampus in 2009.

Since the release, RCampus has integrated all features and functionalities of the dual-site into one system, giving all academic stakeholders an efficient and streamlined platform, while continuing to add more tools to augment the collaborative and community learning environment.

In 2007, RCampus added iRubric rubric builder and assessment system for enhanced and streamlined standards-based assessments for evaluation of student learning outcomes. It encompasses pre-assessment expectations through post-assessment communication and analysis. In 2008, RCampus added ePortfolio system for a more flexible authentic assessment. It allows students to build multiple ePortfolios for different objectives.

RCampus Tools[edit]

All RCampus tools are built from scratch as one system and are highly integrated for superior user experience, resulting in a powerful system that is easy to use.

Main tools of RCampus are:

  • Course and Learning Management System
  • Rubric Assessment Management System
  • ePortfolio System
  • eCommunity Portal and Website Management System

These tools can be used together as one system or separately for integrating with school’s existing system.

In addition, RCampus also provides:

  • Tutor listing and management
  • Book exchange
  • Internship management
  • Class planning

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