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Studio album by Anna Vissi
Released December 22, 1994
Recorded Whitfield Street Recording Studios
London, England
Language Greek
Label Sony Music Greece/Columbia
Producer Nikos Karvelas
Anna Vissi chronology
O! Kypros
Singles from Re!
  1. "Eimai Poli Kala"
    Released: December 1994
  2. "Re!"
    Released: February 1995
  3. "Eleni"
    Released: May 1995
  4. "Amin"
    Released: June 1995

Re! is the name of a Greek album by singer Anna Vissi released in Greece and Cyprus on December 24, 1994. It was recorded in London at Whitfield Street Recording Studios and released by Sony Music Greece.[1] It is the most acoustic album Vissi has released up to date. It was repackaged in 1995 to include the song "Amin" and a remix of "Eimai Poli Kala". Music and lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas and Evi Droutsa.[1]


Re! was originally released on December 24, 1994 featuring ten songs. In early to mid 1995, the album was re-released to include the songs "Amin" and "Eleni" and a remix of "Eimai Poli Kala". The lyrics of the bonus tracks, though, were not included in the album's liner notes and overally no significant change was made in the album's original artwork. In 1999, a Turkish artist Hülya Avşar covered the single "Eleni" with the Turkish lyrics as "Sevdim" (I loved), which met moderate success, while radio stations also picked up the original version by Anna Vissi. Sony Music Turkey then decided upon the release of Re! in Turkey. The album reached 2x Platinum in Turkey.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Original 1994 LP and CD release
  1. "Re!"
  2. "30 Kai Vale"
  3. "Eimai Poli Kala"
  4. "Paragrafos 62"
  5. "To Allo Mou Ego"
  6. "I Varka"
  7. "Melanholies"
  8. "Diadilosi"
  9. "Efta Zoes"
  10. "Periodiko"
1995 Re-release (Only on CD)
  1. "Re!"
  2. "30 Kai Vale"
  3. "Eimai Poli Kala"
  4. "Paragrafos 62"
  5. "To Allo Mou Ego"
  6. "I Varka"
  7. "Melanholies"
  8. "Diadilosi"
  9. "Efta Zoes"
  10. "Periodiko"
  11. "Amin"
  12. "Eleni"
  13. "Ime Poli Kala (Dance Mix)"
Turkish Release
  1. "Eleni"
  2. "Amin"
  3. "Re!"
  4. "30 Kai Vale"
  5. "Eimai Poli Kala"
  6. "Paragrafos 62"
  7. "To Allo Mou Ego"
  8. "I Varka"
  9. "Melanholies"
  10. "Diadilosi"
  11. "Efta Zoes"
  12. "Periodiko"


The following songs were released as singles from the album and were accompanied by music videos.

  1. "Re!"
  2. "Eimai Poli Kala"
  3. "Amin
  4. "Eleni"

Credits and personnel[edit]

Credits adapted from the album's liner notes.[1]


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