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Remix album by The Newlydeads
Released 1998
Genre Industrial rock
The Newlydeads chronology
The Newlydeads (1997) Re-Bound (1998) Dead End (2001)

Re-Bound is a remix album by the band The Newlydeads.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Black Eye (Synical Mix)
  2. Free Weapons (Dogmachine Mix)
  3. Cities In Dust (Hot Lava Mix)
  4. Submission (Double Penetration Mix)
  5. In Denial (Spahn Ranch Mix)
  6. Skin Tight Skin (Sex Warzau Mix)
  7. Cities In Dust (Synical Mix)
  8. In Denial (Pants On Fire Mix)
  9. Skin Tight Skin (Spahn Ranch Mix)
  10. Free Weapons (Fall Out Mix)
  11. Go (Play With Yourself Mix)


Taime Downe: Vocals