Rea Brook

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Rea Brook
Meole Brook
Country England
Counties Shropshire
Source Marton Pool
Mouth Confluence with River Severn
 - location Shrewsbury, Shropshire

The name Rea Brook can refer to either of two brooks (a local term for a small river) in Shropshire, England.

One of the brooks, which eventually becomes the River Rea, is in southern Shropshire. It is to the east of Brown Clee Hill.[1]

The other is a minor river that begins at Marton Pool,[2] near the Wales-England border. This runs north-east past the villages of Minsterley, Pontesbury, Hanwood and Bayston Hill to Shrewsbury, where it joins the much larger River Severn, after running for approximately 20 miles. It is noted in the county for its wildlife, such as otters and kingfishers. Previously in history, it was known as the "Meole Brook", and gives its name to two villages near Shrewsbury – Meole Brace and Cruckmeole.

The pronunciation of "Rea" varies between /ˈr/ "Ree" and /ˈr/ "Ray". The pronunciation most used by locals for the Shrewsbury river is "Ree"; the "Ray" pronunciation may have been introduced by incomers from Birmingham, where a different River Rea is pronounced that way.


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