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Single by S Club 7
from the album 7
B-side "Someday, Someway"
Released 22 May 2000 (United Kingdom)
Format CD single, cassette
Recorded London, England
Genre Pop
Length 4:02
Label Polydor
Writer(s) Cathy Dennis
A. Todd
Producer(s) Cathy Dennis
S Club 7 singles chronology
"Two in a Million"/"You're My Number One"
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"Reach" is a song by S Club 7, released as a single on 22 May 2000. "Reach" is an up-tempo track co-written by Cathy Dennis and Andrew Todd (of British electro-rock band Republica fame).[1] The song debut at its number 2 peak on the UK charts, with first week sales of almost 124,000 (more than the first week sales of their two previous singles). It spent 3 weeks at its peak, unable to dislodge Sonique's "It Feels So Good" from number one. It is one of the group's most popular songs. Reach was the theme tune to the second series of the group's CBBC series, L.A. 7.

Song information and music video[edit]

S Club 7's pink bus flying off into the sky at the end of the video.

"Reach", the fourth single from S Club 7, is an uptempo, feel-good track. The song discusses how, if you follow your dreams, and "reach for the stars", you're destined to fulfill your goals. Like songs before it, "Reach" sees vocals shared around the group.

"Reach" was originally recorded for S Club 7's first album, and was performed by the group as a featured track on the "Boyfriends & Birthdays" TV special which aired on 12 December 1999. This track instantly became popular and, after some minor adjustments, was chosen as the first single from the group's second album "7".

The song was a popular track on all three of their arena tours. The group often commented on how audience members of all ages would "go crazy" for the song. On the "S Club United" tour, a clip from the "Reach" video of Paul singing was played during his part, due to his departure from the band the year before.

The music video takes place in a small, quiet American town in California called Littlerock. At the start of the video, many of the townsfolk and going about with their everyday lives, until, all of a sudden S Club 7 arrive in a large pink bus. There are strong contrasting colours in this music video, with the dull appearance of the town and the people in it, contrasting with the bright colours of S Club's pink and yellow bus.

In the video, S Club 7 have arrived to spread a little joy to the people in the town. To symbolise this, they distribute neon bubblegum which, when the townsfolk chew them, they become happy and realise that their dreams can be met, and are not limited to just a small town. Throughout the video, many groups of people - such as, the local school kids and a brass band - come to see the group as their drive through their town.

At the end of the video, with their job done, S Club exit the town in their pink bus, by driving into the distance, eventually lifting up off the ground and disappearing.

It was revealed that the smoke that was emitted from the S Club bus when any candies were given made the extras on set cough and splutter, meaning many shots had to be taken more than once.

The song sold 500,000 copies in the UK according to the Official UK Charts Company.

Formats and track listings[edit]

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Reach".

# Title
1. "Reach"
2. "Reach" (Eiffel 65 edit)
3. "I'll Be There"
4. "Reach" (video)
1. "Reach"
2. "S Club Party" (Paul and Bradley's remix)
3. "Someday, Someway"
UK cassette
1. "Reach"
2. "Reach" (karaoke version)

Alternative versions[edit]

There have been many alternate vocal takes of "Reach" which have been heard due to remixes of the track. The Almighty remix has Jon singing Jo's first verse, whereas the Steve Anderson remix has Jo and Bradley dividing Jon's verse between them and Jo also takes Paul's middle 8 section. There has been no official word on why these vocals exist or indeed why they were used on the band's official remixes.

S Club 7 did a duet of the song with S Club Juniors as a B-Side for their single One Step Closer.


Chart (2000) Peak
Australian ARIA Singles Chart 38
German Singles Chart 62
Irish Singles Chart 8
New Zealand Singles Chart 28
Swedish Singles Chart 42
Swiss Singles Chart 30
UK Singles Chart 2

End of decade positions[edit]

Chart (2000–2009) Position
UK Singles Chart 84[2]


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