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Reach stacker

A reach stacker is a vehicle used for handling intermodal cargo containers in small terminals or a medium-sized ports. Reach stackers are able to transport a container short distances very quickly and pile them in various rows depending on its access.

Reach stackers have gained ground in container handling in most markets because of their flexibility and higher stacking and storage capacity when compared to forklift trucks. Using reach stackers, container blocks can be kept 4-deep due to second row access.

The first commercial reach stackers were built in the 1970s in Genoa, Italy, by Belotti and Ormig (the latter's designs had a double boom). Susequently, successful manufacturers emerged in France (PPM, now part of Terex Port Solutions) and in Sweden, with Kalmar (now part of Cargotec). There are currently around 12 manufacturers active in the world, although Kalmar remains the most successful, having supplied more than 10,000 machines (now assembled in Poland and not in Sweden) since it supplied its first machine to ASK Aarhus in Denmark in 1985 (Cargowrite Ltd/

There are also empty stackers or empty container handlers that are used only for handling empty containers quickly and efficiently.[1]

Different kind of reachstackers[edit]

  • Kalmar makes World's only Rough Terrain Reachstacker [2]
  • In 2013 Konecranes launched the world´s first hybrid reach stacker for container handling. Its lifting capacity is 45 tons and it will cut fuel consumption by around 10 litres per hour.


  • "Kalmar pioneers LNG reachstacker technology. The LNG power is a very interesting future fuel alternative both for port equipment business as well as for the whole shipping industry." [4]

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