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Developer(s) Labtiva
Stable release 0.96.8013 / 05-2014
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, iOS
Available in English, additional language packs available
Type reference management software
License Proprietary
Website Readcube

ReadCube is a free desktop and browser-based program for managing, annotating, and accessing academic research articles. Initially launched for 3 years in an open beta, it provides access to research materials through partnerships with several publishing companies including the Nature Publishing Group, Frontiers and John Wiley & Sons.[1] Articles are available for digital download and rental for 48 hours.[2]

ReadCube also allows users to enhance eligible PDF files with both the browser-based and desktop application. Once enhanced, articles have interactive citations, integrated authorial information, and access to stored supplements.[3] Additionally, users can highlight sections of documents and write notes saved within the client.[4]


ReadCube was created by Labtiva, a Boston-based company. A desktop client was publicly launched in October 2011 with investment from Digital Science,[5] a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd. Shortly after, ReadCube Web Reader was integrated with in November 2011.[6] A pilot program for ReadCube Access was launched at the University of Utah in September 2012, followed by a public release on Nature Publishing Group journals in November 2012. Also in November 2012, version 2.0 of the Web Reader launched with a number of significant changes.[7] In February 2013, ReadCube launched across over 117 journals published by Wiley.[8]

In April 2014, Labtiva released ReadCube Pro and with it a new UI with several new features. Some of these features, including SmartCite - ReadCube's new citation and bibliography formatting tool, the inclusion of multiple highlighting colors, and several view options come for free with the new update. A few, including a cloud sync function which allows .PDF files to be synced across desktop machines or to the ReadCube iPad app, a metrics pane that shows where an article is being spoken about online, and a "Watched Folders" feature that automatically imports and indexes PDFs come only with ReadCube Pro. ReadCube Pro is currently priced at $5 a month or $45 a year.[9]


ReadCube Desktop, running on Adobe Air, available for Windows and Mac OS.

  • Consolidated display of all imported articles into a library
  • Customizable lists to organize articles
  • Integrated search functionality with Google Scholar, PubMed, and Microsoft Academic to find and download new research material
  • Personalized recommendations of literature based on searches and library content
  • PDF viewer with notes and text highlighting
  • Supplements and references in one place
  • Full-text search across your entire PDF library
  • Hyperlinked references
  • Easily export citations to EndNote and other reference managers
  • Can sync your library between multiple devices
  • Can manually add and edit citation data
  • Can watch specific folders for changes & automatically import PDFs
  • SmartCite allows users to format citations and create bibliographies

ReadCube Web Reader, available on for articles published by Nature Publishing Group, Frontiers and John Wiley & Sons.

  • Fast viewing of article PDFs within the browser
  • Clickable in-line references with direct links to articles
  • Integrated view of the supplement, associated news, and editor’s comments
  • DOI lookup allows users to navigate directly to articles
  • Includes a ReadCube Bookmarklet, which sends articles from web browsers directly to the ReadCube desktop application
  • ReadCube Access provides options to buy or rent individual research articles

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