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Not to be confused with Reamde, a novel by Neal Stephenson.
The README file for cURL

A readme (or read me) file contains information about other files in a directory or archive and is commonly distributed with computer software. Such a file is usually a text file called README.TXT,, README.1ST, READ.ME, or simply README, although some Microsoft Windows software may occasionally include a README.WRI, README.RTF, or README.DOC. The name is chosen so that users unaware of the existence of this type of file would be drawn to read it. It is traditionally written in upper case so that on case-preserving environments using an ASCIIbetical ordering, the name will appear near the beginning of a directory listing (since upper-case letters sort before lower-case letters in ASCIIbetical ordering).


The contents typically include one or more of the following:

The expression "readme file" is also sometimes used descriptively and generically, whereby the files are not named "readme", but are considered types of readme files.[citation needed] The source code distributions of many free software packages, especially those following the Gnits Standards or those produced with GNU Autotools, usually include a standard set of readme files:

README General information
THANKS Acknowledgments
ChangeLog A detailed changelog, intended for programmers
NEWS A basic changelog, intended for users
INSTALL Installation instructions
COPYING / LICENSE Copyright and licensing information
BUGS Known bugs and instructions on reporting new ones

Other files commonly distributed with software include a FAQ and a TODO file listing possible future changes.

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  • This article is based in part on the Jargon File, which is in the public domain.