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Jump to: navigation, search is a sports website created in 2000. The site was originally a basketball site but has since expanded its scope to provide information about ice hockey, baseball, and American football. According to Alexa, the site ranks in the top 5000 of most visited sites, as of January 2009. The site features forums that are popular by users.[1] The site is noted for its trade checker,[2] a system developed to analyze hypothetical NBA trades according to the collective bargaining agreement. A professional version of the Trade Checker has been licensed to several NBA teams.[3]

The site includes basketball team forums as well as off-topic, media, and graphic arts forums. On April 1, 2007 it added NHL, MLB, and NFL team boards. The site also offers the sale of sporting event tickets. It focuses its news mainly on players and their movement and actions in their respective leagues. The website is particularly popular amongst Canadian Toronto Raptors fans.[4]

In the Media[edit]

In 2005 a thread on the forum was mentioned as a source of motivation for Washington Wizards guard Juan Dixon after a playoff game in which he scored 35 points. Dixon told reporters that he had been notified by one of his friends of a thread in the RealGM forum entitled "The Amazingly [starts with "S" and rhymes with plucky] Juan Dixon Thread." Dixon said that the thread gave him extra motivation to be able to throw it back in their face. Forum members mentioned that they felt entitled after hearing that they had motivated Dixon.[5]

In 2008 Chris Bosh submitted a video on his YouTube channel cboshtv in which he asked RealGM members to upload videos and ask him anything.[6]

In 2012 a RealGM poll was mentioned by Ernie Johnson of the TNT broadcast team during a 2012 playoff game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs. The poll asked RealGM users to vote on which TNT commentator they thought would make the best NBA General Manager. The poll results indicated that 37.7% of users voted for Kenny Smith, 26.9% voted for Reggie Miller, 16.5 voted for Charles Barkley, 12.2% voted for Chris Webber, and 6.8% voted for Shaquille O'Neal. These results prompted Barkley to say "those people know absolutely nothing".[7]


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