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Real Ones live

Real Ones, also known as Reelones, is a pop/rock band from Bergen, Norway, which was formed in 1994 when the members were 14 and 15 years of age. Band members include Ivar Vogt (vocals, guitar, ukelele, saxophone), Jørgen Sandvik (vocals, guitar, banjo, sitar), Kåre Opheim (drums, backing vocals), Øystein Skjælaaen (bass, backing vocals), and David Vogt (vocals, violin, organ).[citation needed] 1994-2009 Yrjan Tangenes provided vocals, percussion, and bodhrán, and Thomas Lønnheim played percussion in 1999.000

The group, who sing exclusively in English, makes music that can be characterized as folk-rock or melodic pop, but is also influenced by psychedelia and oriental music. According to a review by VG represents plate Home with the Girls in the Morning a result that is "... a beautiful, cohesive and melodic album of the rustic, organic and harmonic variety. Real Ones writes beautiful and atmospheric songs full of gorgeous instrumental detail."[1]

On opening night at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival in 2005, the band played together on the same stage with the singer Ole Paus. The band received the 2008 Spellemannprisen for Best Pop Album for All for the Neighbourhood.[citation needed]


  • Comments From the Cheap Seats (1997)
  • Bratislava EP (2002) (Reached 14th place on the charts)
  • This is Camping (2003)
  • Home With the Girls in the Morning (2005)
  • All for the Neighbourhood (2008)
  • Ekko (Instrumental Opus 1) (2009)
  • First Night on Earth (2011)
  • Real Ones & The Extended Family (2012)
  • Tonight Only Tonight / The Morning After (2013)


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