Real Time (film)

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Real Time
Poster of Real Time (film).jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Randall Cole
Produced by Paula Devonshire
Ari Lantos
Robert Lantos
Tyler Levine
Brian Mosoff
Julia Rosenberg
Pete Soltesz
Written by Randall Cole
Starring Randy Quaid
Jay Baruchel
Music by Jim Guthrie
Cinematography Rudolf Blahacek
Edited by Michael Pacek
Gareth C. Scales
APB Pictures
Devonshire Productions
January Films
Serendipity Point Films
Distributed by Maximum Film Distribution (Canada)
Image Entertainment (USA)
Release date(s) January 18, 2008
Running time 75 minutes
Country Canada
Language English
Jay Baruchel and Randy Quaid

Real Time is a 2008 comedy drama which premiered on 18 January 2008 at the Slamdance Film Festival.


The film is about a hit man (Randy Quaid) who gives a compulsive gambler (Jay Baruchel) one hour to live. The movie takes place in real time and its ultimate subject is what we do with the time we have in this world. The film begins when Andy, a hyperactive compulsive gambler, is plucked off the street by the calm yet imposing hit man, Reuban. Reuban tells Andy that he has been dispatched to kill him. Andy does not believe him at first. He figures it is just another one of Reuban’s scare tactics to get him to pay off his gambling debt.

Andy soon learns Reuban is not bluffing. Reuban gives Andy just one hour to do whatever he wishes. In his one hour Andy is educated about his mistakes, visits his former workplace, visits his old school, visits his grandmother, gets shot at, and learns about luck, love, and choices.

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