Reality Fighters

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Reality Fighters
Reality Fighters Coverart.png
Developer(s) Novarama
Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s) PlayStation Vita
Release date(s) PAL 20120222February 22, 2012
NA March 13, 2012[1]
Genre(s) Fighting game
Distribution PlayStation Vita card, digital distribution

Reality Fighters is a PlayStation Vita augmented reality video game developed by Novarama, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Reality Fighters is a fighting game where the player can take a photo of himself or herself and, using the game's editing tools, become a video game character. The game boasts over 8 trillion unique fighter combinations, which can be used in solo and online play. Reality Fighters is a PlayStation Vita launch title.


The gameplay of Reality Fighters takes the classic fighting game mechanics, bringing them to a wider, more mainstream focus.

To begin with, the player takes a photo of the face using the front or rear camera. Using face detection technology, the game can then recreate a character with the player's likeness. The game lets players choose gender and body shape, and wear over 400 pieces of clothing. The game also allows players to choose among 15 fight styles, and over 50 weapons. Fight styles, weapons and clothes choice affect gameplay, by unlocking new combos or modifying the damage or armor of specific body parts. For example, a helmet will better protect the head, and a pair of boots will boost kicking ability.

Reality Fighters offers dual control. On one side, the game can be played via buttons alone, with a classic control method. On the other, the game can be played via the front and rear touch, which allow the player to perform all combos in a more accessible way. The game modes are:

  • Story mode
  • Survivor
  • Quick fight
  • Time attack
  • Online versus (both AdHoc and Infrastructure)
  • Boss Mode

The game also supports social features of PSVita like online leaderboards, friend lists, or NEAR. Finally, players can pose and take photos of their characters.

The goal of the game is thus to bring fighting games to a more mainstream audience.

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