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Origin Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Genres Thrash metal, speed metal, power metal, progressive metal
Years active 1985–1992
Labels Roadrunner
Past members Mark Antoni
Paul Laganowski
Takis Kinis
Steve Post
Mike Olson
Doug Parker

Realm is an American thrash/progressive metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that formed in 1985.


Realm formed in 1985 in Milwaukee. They released two underground demo tapes at first; Perceptive Incentive in 1985 and the landmark Final Solution in 1986. In 1988, the band signed to the up-and-coming Roadrunner Records label and released their debut album, Endless War, later that year. The album featured a classic cover version of The Beatles' song "Eleanor Rigby" that they converted into speed metal form.

In 1990, Realm released their much anticipated second album, Suiciety. It contained a more unique progressive sound than the band's earlier releases.

After fulfilling their 2-album deal with Roadrunner, the band searched for a new label. They recorded another album's worth of material, but it remains unreleased to this day. In 1992, Realm disbanded.

Endless War and Suiciety were digitally remastered and re-released worldwide under the Metal Mind Productions label in 2006 and in 2007 in the United States.


Studio albums[edit]



  • Perceptive Incentive (1985)
  • Final Solution (1986)
  • Demo (1992)

Band members[edit]

Last known line-up[edit]

  • Mark Antoni − vocals
  • Paul Laganowski − guitar
  • Takis Kinis − guitar
  • Steve Post − bass
  • Mike Olson − drums

Former members (from before the last known line-up)[edit]

  • Doug Parker − vocals
  • Roger Gottfried - Bass
  • Mike Stixs - Drums

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