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This article is about the French adult actress. There is also an unrelated American singer named Rebecca Lord who is lead singer for the band Becky and who appeared on the MTV show The Real World: Seattle in 1998.
Rebecca Lord
Rebecca Lord by Dirty Bob.jpg
Born (1973-02-16) February 16, 1973 (age 42)
Paris, France
Other names Rebecca Carre, R. Lord, Rebecca Lords, Rebeca Lord, Rebecca Bruns
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
No. of adult films 286 (IAFD, EGAFD, includes compilations)
281 as actress, 9 as director (per IAFD)

Rebecca Lord (born February 16, 1973) is the stage name of a French pornographic actress who has been active since 1993. After moving to the U.S., she achieved popularity in the porn industry there.

Early years[edit]

Originally from Paris, France, Lord attended parochial school while growing up, an experience she says led her to become a resolute atheist.[1] As a young adult, she was a make-up artist, until 1993, when she answered a newspaper ad seeking a model for a pornographic movie directed by Patrice Cabanel.[1][2] In her earliest movies, she appeared under the names "Rebecca Carre" and "Rebecca Bruns". In 1994, French director David Caroll gave her the stage name "Rebecca Lords" as a reference to Traci Lords. While listing her name in the credits, however, he mistakenly omitted the "S", and her name became "Rebecca Lord", which she has used ever since.[1]

Career rise[edit]

In 1994, she was discovered by Swedish porn director Nic Cramer[1] and appeared in two of his videos, Euro-max 2 and Euro-max 3. This introduced her to the American porn industry. She soon left France for Los Angeles and quickly established herself in the porn industry there. She has since appeared in over 200 porn movies (as of 2007). Lord has directed and produced several of the videos she has starred in, through her company, Rebecca Lord Productions, as well as actively maintaining an internet paysite. She became much less active in porn movies after 2003, though in several posts on her website (in July 2004, November 2005, and March 2007), Lord denied rumors that she had retired.[3]

She has used condoms in almost all of her sex scenes with men, and has noted that the pressure on actresses to work without condoms has caused her some difficulty in the industry.[1] Throughout her entire porn career, she has been married to the same man, who she has been together with since the age of 17.[1]

Other work[edit]

In 1998, Lord appeared in the video for the George Michael song "Outside".[2] She has also appeared on The Howard Stern Show twice in November 1999 and once in June 2001. The last appearance was particularly notable for comments Lord and Stern made about the Catholic Church, which led the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights to call for Miller Brewing to drop its sponsorship of the show. (Miller chose not to drop its advertising from the show.)[4][5]

In 2005, she made a breakthrough into non-pornographic cinema, co-starring in the 2005 independent film I Am a Sex Addict. Lord plays the first wife of director and star Caveh Zahedi, whom Zahedi claims bore a striking resemblance to Lord. In one scene where Zahedi breaks from the narrative and addresses the audience directly, he announces his discovery over an internet site that co-star Rebecca Lord was a porn actress and escort, something he claims not to have known when he first hired Lord for the role. (The subject of the film was, ironically, about Zahedi's addiction to prostitutes).[6][7]

During her time in the USA, Lord has lived in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and New York City. As of 2007, she has been living back in France for several years, after the expiration of her visa (which expired during the filming of I am a Sex Addict). She has stated that Las Vegas and New York are two favorite cities and that she plans to move back to one or the other city in the future.[1][3][6]


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