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Rebecca Malope is a South African gospel singer born in 1968. She hosts the TV show "It's Gospel Time."[1] Rebecca’s story starts in 1986. Driven by a burning desire to become South Africa’s most celebrated and admired songstress, Rebecca, barely 18 years old, and her sister Cynthia, left their home township of Lekazi near Nelspruit and hiked 400 km to Evaton from where they finally reached Johannesburg. Rebecca is also an auntie to Prudence Moyo who currently lives in the uk. This brave step launched a personal journey of achievement that was destined to touch the hearts and minds of millions.

Rebecca has released 32 albums in a music career spanning over 27 years to date. In 2009 she released her 30th album titled My Hero containing double CDs. In April 2010 she released her 31st album. In her almost three decades career, she has proved that relevance and resounding with your fans is a great recipe for success.On Monday 14th March,Rebecca Malope released her 32nd album titled "Ukuthula",which translates to English as Peace.Rebecca was quoted in a local newspaper saying “In Ukuthula people must expect rejuvenating sounds and I love the whole album. I decided on that name after thinking about the state the world is in today.

“People have no peace. There is war everywhere, even in churches.I want people to come together and more importantly have peace in their lives, so that we can have peace in the world,” said Rebecca.[2]

In 2003 she won a KORA All African Music Award for Best Gospel Singer.


  • Ma G Man (1986)
  • Six of the best (1989)
  • Saturday Nite (1990)
  • Buyani (1991)
  • Rebecca Sings Gospel (1992)
  • Ngiyikeleni (1993)
  • Umoya Wam (1994)
  • Shwele Baba (1995)
  • Uzube Nam (1996)
  • Live at the State Theatre (1996)
  • Angingedwa (1997)
  • Free at Last: South African Gospel (1997)
  • Somlandela (1998)
  • Ukholo lwam (1999)
  • Siyabonga (2000)
  • Christmas with Rebecca and Friends (2000)
  • Sabel'Uyabizwa (2001)
  • Iyahamba Lenqola (2002)
  • Hlala Nami (2003)
  • The Queen of Gospel and the Village Pope (2004)
  • Qaphelani (2005)
  • The Greatest Hits (2005)
  • Umthombo (2006)
  • Live in Soweto (DVD) (2006)
  • Live in Soweto (CD) (2007)
  • Amakholwa (2007)
  • Ujehova Ungu'madida (2008)
  • African Classics (2009)
  • My Hero (2009)
  • Live at the Lyric Theatre (DVD) (2010)
  • Uzohamba Nami (2010)
  • Ukuthula (2011)
  • Rebecca Live Concert ft Tshwane Gospel Choir (CD)(2012)
  • Rebecca Live Concert ft Tshwane Gospel Choir (DVD)(2012)
  • Bayos' khomba(2013)


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