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"Rebel Heart" is a song by the Irish folk/pop/rock group The Corrs, taken from their third album In Blue. It is an instrumental with Celtic influences, featuring the violin, bodhran, and tin whistle.

It was composed especially by fiddler Sharon Corr and was actually a separate commission for the BBC Ireland four part series, Rebel Heart[1] which the Corrs subsequently decided to place in the album. It was nominated in January 2001 for a "Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Performance".[2] According to the Corrs official website, Sharon is quoted as saying:

"I wrote it in Malibu on piano when we were recording Talk on Corners. It sat around for a long time and then the BBC were looking for some music for their big Autumn drama about the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. It has a very Irish melody and we added the tin whistle and so on and it fitted the bill."


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