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ReboundTAG is a company based in the United Kingdom providing permanent RFID microchip luggage tags for airlines and individual business flyers. ReboundTAG is known to have worked with IATA, Alien Technology and Sick AG in developing the microchip luggage tags and now supplies them globally.

Development of the RFID Tags[edit]

Due to weaknesses in the antenna and CPU of RFID chips there has been a demand for an encapsulated luggage tag for several years, but most of the resins experimented with interfered with the reading of the microchip. A permanent RFID luggage tag means that the microchip is protected and can also be used for automatic check-in of items of luggage, saving resources.[1] The tags contain two microchips; one that is used for identification and one re-writable chip that can be used by the airport or airline to encode new flight details each time the person travels; there is also a barcode and number printed on the tag so that they work in airports that do not use microchip systems. The system is integrated with Worldtracer so that when a bag is found the ReboundTAG ID can be entered into the Worldtracer database and an automatic alert is triggered so that the owner of the bag can be updated with respect to the situation with their bag.

The ReboundTAG concept was showcased by Lufthansa at the 2010 IATA Annual General Meeting in Berlin as a potential way to prevent lost luggage globally and is still the only luggage tag ever showcased by an airline at the IATA AGM. At the event Lufthansa gave out ReboundTAG RFID tags to all of the delegates that attended and following this the ReboundTAG concept was featured on BBC World among other news outlets.

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