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Rechung Dorje Drakpa (Wylie: Ras-chung Rdo-rje Grags-pa) [1083/4-1161], known as Rechungpa, was one of the two most important students of the 11th century Kagyu yogi and poet Milarepa (the other being Gampopa). Rechungpa founded the Rechung Kagyu lineage and was particularly important in the transmission of the cycle of esoteric teachings of Cakrasaṃvara known as the Demchog Nyengyü (bde mchog snyan brgyud), Demchog-Khandro Nyengyü or Rechung Nyengyü (ras chung snyan brgyud)

Tibetan Buddhists believe Rechungpa compiled the The Six Equal Tastes from Indian sources. The text was hidden by Rechungpa, later to be recovered by the terton Tsangpa Gyare, founder of the Drukpa lineage in Tibet.

Rechungpa's student Gyalwa Kyang Tsangpa transmitted the Rechung Kagyu lineage to the Yogini Machik Ongyo (12th century). This lineage has been similarly transmitted without interruption until the present time. For example, Changling Tulku Rinpoche XVI is one of the few holders of this lineage today, though in western teaching contexts he more frequently covers material from the Northern Treasures lineage of the Nyingma, which he also holds.

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