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Central Connecticut State University has awarded 54 honorary doctoral degrees since 1985.[1] Awardees have included the CEOs or Chairmen of six major corporations, eight heads of state, and a variety of others. About half of these degrees have been awarded at commencement exercises at the university, and in most such cases, the conferee has given the commencement address.

Although significant non-degree honors have historically been awarded by the institution, honorary doctorates were not conferred until after Central Connecticut State College was renamed Central Connecticut State University in 1983. U.S. President Jimmy Carter became the first recipient on April 16, 1985,[2] receiving a Doctor of Humane Letters.

List of Recipients[edit]

awardee date degree*
Shigenori Adachihara Mayor, Atsugi City, Japan 05/23/1990 L.H.D.
Rt. Rev. Justice Akrofi Bishop of Accra, Ghana 05/18/2000 L.H.D.
József Antall, Jr. Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary 09/30/1991 LL.D.
Leszek Balcerowicz Professor, Warsaw School of Economics and former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland 5/21/2011 Sc.D.
Ernest L. Boyer President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching 10/05/1987 L.H.D.
J. William Burns Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Transportation 01/03/1995 LL.D.
George H. W. Busha[3] President of the United States 03/11/1999 LL.D.
George W. Bush[4] President of the United States 04/18/2001 LL.D.
Alexander M. Butman Executive Director, Emergency Training Institute 04/28/1994 Sc.D.
Dave Campo Head Coach, Dallas Cowboys 05/22/1999 D.H.P.Ed.
Jimmy Cartera[5] President of the United States 04/16/1985 L.H.D.
Noam Chomsky Professor of Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 11/04/2003 L.H.D.
Young Seek Choue Chancellor, Kyung Hee University 10/22/1991 L.H.D.
Chungwon Choue[6] President, Kyung Hee University 05/23/1998 L.H.D.
Mong Koo Chung Chairman, Hyundai Precision and Industry Company 05/26/1989 L.H.D.
Simon A. Clarke Education Advisor to UNESCO 05/24/1991 L.H.D.
Lemuel Rodney Custis Capitan (Connecticut Tuskegee Airman) 05/26/2001 L.H.D.
Donald W. Davis Chairman, The Stanley Works 05/26/1989 L.H.D.
Rainer Dieterich Universität der Bundeswehr, Hamburg 05/25/2002 Sc.D.
Bruno Ficili Commissioner of Education, Siracusa, Sicily 10/23/1996 L.H.D.
Gerald R. Forda President of the United States 03/23/1988 L.H.D.
Mary Hatwood Futrell President, National Education Association 10/04/1988 L.H.D.
Joseph J. Grano, Jr. Chairman and CEO, Centurion Holdings, LLC 05/19/2007 L.H.D.
Harry Jack Gray Chairman and CEO, United Technologies Corporation 05/17/1985 D.S.Sc
Edward T. Hall 1st Lieutenant (Connecticut Tuskegee Airman) 05/26/2001 L.H.D.
E. Dorrit Hoffleit Senior Research Astronomer Emeritus, Yale University 10/20/1998 Sc.D.
Benjamin L. Hooks Executive Director, NAACP 05/20/1988 L.H.D.
C. J. Huang Chairman, C. J. Huang Foundation 05/10/1990 L.H.D.
F. Don James CCSU President Emeritus 10/16/2003 L.H.D.
Eric Jensen Deputy to the Under-Secretary-General, United Nations 05/27/1993 L.H.D.
Peter G. Kelly Senior Principal, Updike, Kelly & Spellacy 02/25/2003 LL.D.
Jeane Kirkpatricka United States Representative to the United Nations 04/04/1991 L.H.D.
Henry A. Kissingera Secretary of State of the United States 03/24/1987 D.S.Sc.
Michael S. Knapp[7] President and CEO, CitiFinancial 05/25/2002 D.C.Sc.
Phyllis Macpherson-Russell Minister of Education, Jamaica 12/04/1999 Sc.D.
Frances P. Mainella Director, National Park Service 05/23/2002 D.P.S.
Paul J. McQuillan[8],[9] Attorney, Januszewski, McQuillan & DeNigris 02/23/2004 D.C.J.
George J. Mitchella U.S. Senator and Senate Majority Leader 04/12/2000 LL.D.
Brian Mulroneya Prime Minister of Canada 04/26/1994 D.S.Sc.
Connie Nappier, Jr. Flight Officer (Connecticut Tuskegee Airman) 05/26/2001 L.H.D.
Antonia Coello Novello[10] Surgeon General of the United States 05/28/1993 Sc.D.
Vincent O’Leary President, State University of New York at Albany 05/28/1994 D.S.Sc.
Rabbi Henry Okolica CCSU Campus Clergy 05/22/2003 D.P.S.
Irma Margarita Nevares de Rosselló First Lady of Puerto Rico 05/20/1999 L.H.D.
Franz J. Rothenbiller Lord Mayor of Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany 06/06/1991 L.H.D.
Helmut Schmidta Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany 04/28/1993 L.H.D.
Angelo Tomasso, Jr. Chairman and CEO, Tilcon, Inc 05/25/1990 L.H.D.
Francis T. Vincent, Jr.a Commissioner, Major League Baseball 04/28/1992 L.H.D.
Cecile A. Walden Principal, Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College, Montego Bay, Jamaica 05/27/2004 Ped.D.
Lech Wałęsaa President of Poland 04/10/1996 L.H.D.
Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. US Senator and Governor of Connecticut 05/27/2009 D.P.S.
Bertram W. Wilson Lieutenant Colonel (Connecticut Tuskegee Airman) 05/26/2001 L.H.D.
Andrzej Wiszniewski Rector, Technical University of Wrocław 05/28/1993 Sc.D.
Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Paul Wodarski Pastor Emeritus, Holy Cross Church, New Britain 04/29/1999 L.H.D.


† recipient is a CCSU graduate[11]
‡ recipient represented a partner of CCSU's International Affairs Center and Connecticut Institute for Asian and American Studies[12],[13]
a Honorary degreee awarded in connection with recipient's delivery of the Robert C. Vance Distinguished Lecture.
∗ abbreviated degree names:
D.C.J.: Doctor of Criminal Justice
D.C.Sc.: Doctor of Commercial Science
D.H.P.Ed.: Doctor of Health and Physical Education
D.P.S.: Doctor of Public Service


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