Red, Hot and Blue (film)

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Red, Hot and Blue
Poster of the movie Red, Hot and Blue.jpg
Directed by John Farrow
Produced by Robert Fellows
Written by Charles Lederer (story)
Hagar Wilde
John Farrow
Starring Betty Hutton
Victor Mature
Music by Frank Loesser (songs)
Cinematography Daniel L. Fapp
Edited by Eda Warren
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release dates
  • September 5, 1949 (1949-09-05)
Running time 84 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Red, Hot and Blue is a 1949 musical comedy film starring Betty Hutton as an actress who gets mixed up with gangsters and murder. Frank Loesser wrote the songs and also acted in the film.

The film has no connection to Cole Porter's play of the same name.


Hair-Do Lempke snatches actress Eleanor Collier, believing her to be a witness to the murder of his gangster boss. Eleanor tells him her story.

While rooming with girlfriends Sandra and No-No and desperately trying to become a star, Eleanor resists the marriage proposals of theater director Danny James, her boyfriend. Her agent Charlie Baxter sets her up on a date with wealthy Alex Creek, who owns a baseball team and occasionally sponsors the careers of starlets. Alex's wife objects, dumping water on Eleanor.

A bigshot, Bunny Harris, is introduced to Eleanor and might help her career. While in his apartment, though, Bunny is gunned down and Eleanor learns from Hair-Do to her surprise that Bunny was a crook. She holds the bad guys at bay until Danny rides to the rescue.


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