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For the defunct British bus company, see Red & White Services.
Red & White ad from 1955.

Red & White Corporation is a chain of independently owned and operated food stores operating in the United States. While it has been supplanted by supermarket chains in many of its locations, its signature red dot logo with the words Red & White can still be found on small independent grocers in many states.

A Red & White store in 2006.

Red & White stores were independent grocery stores in small towns. The company did centralized buying and distribution for the small stores to allow them to compete against large chains that were consolidating their power in the 1920s. All members of this group had the words Red & White as part of their names, usually with the owner's name or town name as well. The firm started around 1925.

The corporation Red & White, headquartered in Chicago, procured branded products for the independent grocery stores.[1] The headquarters were located at the Mercantile Exchange Building at 308 West Washington Street in the present day Chicago Loop.[2][3]

NOTE: There was a Bamber's Red and White store in Oakville, Ontario in the 1930-1960s, that was owned by Bill Bamber and Family. There was also a Darby's Red and White in Monroeville, Alabama.Also Allaby's Red & White in Hampton,New Brunswick 1967-1972 owned by Lloyd Allaby. Further to this, Red & White did operate a number of independent locations throughout Ontario, Canada through the 1930s through the 1990s. (Also two or three R&W stores in Crowsnest Pass, AB ca 1930 - 1950. Topic obviously needs research) Change name to Red & White Store Chain and drop reference to Bamber's since not affiliated with R&W


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