Red & Ted's Road Show

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Red & Ted's Road Show
Manufacturer Williams
Release date October 1994
System Williams WPC-Security
Designer(s) Pat Lawlor, Dwight Sullivan, Ted Estes
Programmer(s) Dwight Sullivan
Artwork John Youssi
Mechanics John Krutsch
Music Chris Granner, Carlene Carter
Sound Chris Granner
Voices Carlene Carter (Red), Tim Kitzrow (Ted)
Production run 6,259 units

Red & Ted's Road Show (also known as Road Show) is a 1994 widebody pinball game designed by Pat Lawlor and released by Williams. It is part of WMS' SuperPin line of widebody games.

Country singer Carlene Carter provided the voice of Red, and her song, "Every Little Thing", is featured in the game.[1] The game is considered an unofficial successor of FunHouse, as both were designed by Pat Lawlor and feature talking head(s) along with some similar playfield layout ideas. It is equipped with a Shaker Motor to make the machine vibrate. It is the only pinball machine that features an additional daily highscore list.


The main goal is to travel the USA from east to west, starting in New York or Miami. The cities/states and their missions that must be passed are:

  • New York - Smash a Cab
  • Miami - Spring Break
  • Atlanta - Worker Trapped
  • Ohio (Turnpike)- Trapped in Ohio
  • New Orleans - Mardi Gras
  • Nashville - Change the Station (2 Ball Multiball)
  • Chicago - Evil Toll Roads
  • Dallas - Monster Cab
  • Kansas City - Tornado (2 Ball Multiball)
  • Minnesota/Minneapolis - Frozen People
  • Albuquerque - Trading Post (Sell Souvenirs)
  • Denver - Gold Rush
  • Butte - Tunnel Hunt
  • Salt Lake City - Old West
  • Las Vegas - Slot Machine
  • Seattle - Alien Invasion
  • San Francisco - Monster Attack
  • Los Angeles - Earthshaker (reminiscence to Earthshaker)

The wizard mode (Super Payday) can be started whenever one visits a city at the West Coast and:

  • lock one ball in Bob's Bunker
  • lock another ball in the Bunker/Start City/Blast Hole


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