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Red Alert were а British punk/oi!-band, formed in Sunderland, England, in May 1979.[1] The quartet recorded three studio albums and appeared on numerous compilations, including Punk And Disorderly (Abstract Records, 1981) and Carry On Oi! (Secret Records, 1981). Three of the band's releases reached UK Indie Charts Top 30.[2] Red Alert broke up in 1985, reformed four years later and continued touring and occasionally recording.

Band history[edit]

Red Alert's original line-up — Steve 'Cast Iron' Smith (vocals), Tony Van Frater (guitar), Gaz Stuart (bass) and Dona (drums) — debuted in the summer of 1979, at one of the Sunderland carnivals, performing mostly Clash and UK Subs covers.[3]

The first demo, turned out to be their debut release: a self-financed four track EP "Third And Final", only 250 copies of which were pressed and then sold on gigs. With the new drummer Mitch the band produced its second demo In Britain and recorded two tracks for the Carry On Oi! compilation, only one of which, «SPG», was included. Gary Bushell argued that the band should send their material to No Future Records which they did and were signed in a week's time.[3]

Here in the course of the two years Red Alert released two 7-inch EPs ("In Britain", "Take No Prisoners"), their debut LP We've Got The Power, a single "City Invasion" and a 12-inch (There's A Guitar Burning, 6 tracks). Another EP, Guitar Burning followed and another drummer came in: Matty Forster. This change bore little fruit: disillusioned and weary, the band called it quits. For some time Tony and Matty toured with Red London.

In 1989 all four original members of Red Alert started seeing each other again, at a new Kazbah club, opened in Sunderland. In the early 1990 the reformed band did the gig with Red London and Attila the Stockbroker and, inspired by warm reception, decided to go on — with the exception of Gaz, who was replaced by Tom Spencer.

After having toured Western Europe alongside Red London, the quartet (with Gaz Stoker of Red London, as a new bassist) recorded their second LP Blood, Sweat 'N' Beers released on Nightmare Records in Germany. Beyond The Cut EP (Nightmare/Knockout) followed.

With a new drummer John Forster (Matty's brother) and later Lainey of Leatherface the band toured the USA and released there Super Yobs, a split with The Templars. On return they released a "Street Survivors"/"Drinkin' With Red Alert" double 7-inch EP set.

In August 1994 a new drummer Ian arrived to stay with the band up until now. With him in 1995-96 the band recorded Breakin' All The Rules СD for Dojo Records. Shortly after the release Lainey returned, this time in the capacity of a bassist. This line-up recorded Wearside released by PlasticHead Records to coincide with the 1999 Red Alert - The Rarities compilation (20 previously unreleased tracks) on Captain Oi! Records.[3]


Singles and EPs (7")[edit]

  • "Third and Final" EP (Guardian Records) 1980
  • "In Britain" EP (No Future Records) 1982
  • "Take No Prisoners" EP(No Future Records) 1982
  • "City Invasion" (No Future Records) 1983
  • "We've Got the Power" EP Live In Mondreagon (Capita Swing Records) 1992
  • "Border Guards" EP (Combat Rock Records, 1994, перевыпуск дебютного EP Third & Final с измененным заголовком).
  • "Drinkin' with Red Alert" / "Street Survivors" (двойной EP, Nightmare Records / Knockout Records) 1994
  • "Visca El Barca" (Plastic Disk Records) 1996

12" EP[edit]

  • There’s a Guitar Burning EP (No Future Records) 1983


  • We’ve Got the Power (No Future Records LP, CD) 1983
  • Blood, Sweat 'N' Beers (Nightmare Records LP, CD 1992
  • Beyond the Cut (Nightmare Records / Knockout Records LP) 1993
  • Drinkin' with Red Alert (Nightmare Records / Knockout Records CD) 1994
  • Red Alert Oi Singles Collection (Captain Oi! Records CD) 1995
  • Breakin' All the Rules (Dojo Records CD) 1996
  • Rebels in Society (Get Back Records CD) 1997
  • Red Alert (The Rarities) (Captain Oi! Records CD) 1999
  • Wearside (Plastic Head Records CD) 1999
  • Best Of (Captain Oi! Records CD) 2000


  • Punk and Disorderly (Abstract Records) 1981
  • Carry On Oi! (Secret Records) 1981
  • Kid on the Streets (Bird Records) 1993
  • Super Yobs (split with The Templars) (Vulture Records) 1994
  • LA Compilation (Combat Rock Records) 1995
  • Knock Out in the 1st Round (Knockout Records) 1995
  • Oi! The Rarities Vol 1 (Captain Oi! Records) 1995
  • No Future Collection Vol 2 (Anagram Records) 1995
  • Oi! Against Racism (Havin' A Laugh Records) 1996
  • War is Insanity (Knockout / Banda Bonnot Records) 1996
  • On the Streets (We Bite Records) 1997
  • We Are the Firm (Cockney Rejects tribute) (1,2,3,4 Records) 1998
  • We Are the People (Angelic Upstarts tribute) (Knockout Records) 1998
  • Voice of a New Generation (Blitz tribute) (Plastichead Records) 1999


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