Red Baron II

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Red Baron II
Red Baron II cover.png
Developer(s) Dynamix
Publisher(s) Sierra
Designer(s) Dynamix
Engine 3-Space 2.0
Platform(s) PC, Windows 95/98
Release date(s) October 30, 1997
Genre(s) World War I

Flight Simulation

Mode(s) Single-player Multiplayer

Red Baron II is a computer game for the PC, developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra Entertainment. It is the follow-up to the immensely successful flight simulation Red Baron, released in 1990. Red Baron II was released in 1997. The game featured four modes of play: Fly Now (A quick combat mode); Single Mission which included several missions and a mission generator to create new ones; Campaign mode, which featured one of the only truly dynamic campaigns in a modern flight simulator and which replicated combat on the Western Front of Europe from 1916 through 1918; and peer to peer online play.

Aircraft and realism[edit]

Many of the famous German, British, and French combat aircraft of World War I are available to fly including the Fokker E.III, the Fokker Dr.I Triplane, the Sopwith Camel, the RAF S.E.5a, and the SPAD XIII. The game features somewhat realistic physics as it was mainly intended as an entertainment game instead of a true flight simulator, although the unique flying characteristics of some of the aircraft were implemented such as the gyroscopic effect created by the Sopwith Camel's rotary engine and the Albatros D.III's lower wings shearing at high negative G loads. The player also has to deal with problems the real fighter pilots of World War I faced such as gun jams, flak, engine damage, and possibly bleeding to death if they were wounded and could not land at an aerodrome in time.

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