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Red Hill Community Unit School District 10 is a unified school district located in western Lawrence County, which is in turn located in the state of Illinois. Elementary education may take place at one school or another, all schools ultimately feed into the same high school.

  • Bridgeport Grade School serves students from kindergarten through grade six, and it is headed by principal Deana Brashear.[1]
  • The Petty Elementary School,serves grade first through fourth and runs a kindergarten program under the direction of Todd Tiffany;[2]
  • The Sumner Attendance Center is another school in the district that originally educates students in kindergarten and grades first through fourth, and it is also under the direction of Principal Tiffany.[3] Students in Petty and Sumner take fifth and sixth grade at Bridgeport Grade School, and then all seventh graders consolidate at Sumner Attendance Center for the seventh and eighth grades.
  • Graduates of Sumner move on towards Red Hill High School, where they take their last branch of education under the wing of Matthew Seaton.[4] The mascot of Red Hill High School is the saluki, a sighthound bred for speed.

2006 ISAT results for grades three though eight and grade eleven exceeded or met, with the exception of the average third grade reading score, the state average.[4]

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