Red Redemption

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Red Redemption
Industry Computer and video games
Headquarters Oxford, UK
Products Climate Challenge
Fate of the World
Website Red Redemption Home Page

Red Redemption is a serious game developer based in Oxford, UK. As of 2011, Red Redemption produced two global warming games: Climate Challenge and Fate of the World.[1]


Climate Challenge is a 2006 browser game produced in conjunction with the BBC, the Environmental Change Institute and the University of Oxford. The player chooses policies to implement over a 100-year period in Europe to curb emissions, while maintaining the necessary food, water and energy supply.[2]

Fate of the World is a 2011 game for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS with a similar theme but a global focus. The player is put in charge of a fictional international organization managing social, technological and environmental policies. There are several scenarios one can choose to play, with goals ranging from improving living conditions in Africa, to preventing catastrophic climate change, to exacerbating it.[3][4]

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