Red bean ice

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Red bean ice
Red bean ice
Type Dessert
Place of origin Hong Kong, China
Serving temperature Cold
Main ingredient(s) azuki bean, rock sugar, evaporated milk
Red bean ice
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Hanyu Pinyin hóngdòubīng
Literal meaning red bean ice

Red bean ice is a drink commonly found in Hong Kong.[1] It is usually served in restaurants like cha chaan teng (simplified Chinese: 茶餐厅; traditional Chinese: 茶餐廳; pinyin: chácāntīng). The standard ingredients include azuki beans, light rock sugar syrup, and evaporated milk.[2] It is often topped with ice cream to become a dessert.


Red bean ice tea has been around since the 1970s.[3] Some places which serve the drink add in chewy flavoured jelly.

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