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Redfern railway station.jpg
Location Lawson Street & Gibbons Street, Redfern
New South Wales, Australia
Coordinates 33°53′31″S 151°11′55″E / 33.89202°S 151.19873°E / -33.89202; 151.19873Coordinates: 33°53′31″S 151°11′55″E / 33.89202°S 151.19873°E / -33.89202; 151.19873
Owned by RailCorp
Operated by Sydney Trains
Line(s) Main Suburban lineIllawarra line
Distance 1.30 km (0.81 mi) from Central
Platforms 12 (2 side, 5 island)
Tracks 12
Structure type Ground/Underground
Other information
Station code REF
Website Sydney Trains
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towards Epping or Emu Plains or Richmond
North Shore, Northern & Western Line
towards Hornsby or Berowra
towards Campbelltown
Inner West & South Line
towards Circular Quay
towards Homebush
towards Macarthur
Airport Line
peak hours only
towards Lidcombe or Liverpool
Bankstown Line
towards City Circle
towards Waterfall or Cronulla
Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line
towards Olympic Park
Olympic Park Line
(occasional services only)
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South Coast Line
(peak hours on weekdays and on weekends and public holidays)
towards Bathurst
Blue Mountains Line
(occasional services only)
towards Newcastle
Central Coast & Newcastle Line
(occasional services only)

Redfern railway station is a major railway station in Redfern which is to the south of the city centre in Sydney, Australia. It is a major connecting station for the Sydney Trains network, as well as being the closest railway station to the University of Sydney.

Redfern is the 7th most patronised railway station in Sydney (out of a total of 176 stations), with an average of 22,060 passengers boarding per day.


Lawson Street entrance
Gibbons Street entrance

In the early history of the New South Wales Railways, "Redfern" was the name of the principal Sydney terminus. It was located to the south of Devonshire Street and opened on 26 September 1855 in an area known as "Cleveland Fields." This original "Redfern" station comprised one wooden platform in a corrugated iron shed. As traffic increased the original station was replaced in 1874 by a brick building containing two platforms. This second station, which grew to 14 platforms, was designed for through traffic if the lines were extended in the city direction. This second station was found to be too far from the city centre, so a new station (the present Sydney Central Station) was built to the north of Devonshire Street and opened on 4 August 1906. The 1874 station was soon demolished.

A station was opened in 1876 1.3 km on the Parramatta side of the "original Redfern" and called 'Eveleigh'. In 1885 Eveleigh's platforms were reconstructed at the present Redfern site, and on 21 October 1906 this station was renamed Redfern.

Platforms 11 and 12, as well as the area containing the unfinished platforms (see below), were constructed in the late 1970s as part of the Eastern Suburbs Railway construction, which opened in 1979.

Until the early 1990s Redfern had an overhead footbridge at the Eveleigh end of the platforms, connecting all platforms 1-10 by stairs. This was demolished because the funds for its maintenance were not available. A single track underground tunnel for trains going to Eveleigh Maintenance Centre, known as the Engine Dive, runs under the above ground platforms. Various chimneys on the platforms (especially on platform 1) are evidence of this. The tunnel surfaces near the Eveleigh end of platform 10 and on the non-station side of the Lawson St bridge. The station is walking distance to the suburb of Waterloo known by its Govt Housing high rise buildings.

The present Redfern station was damaged by fire in the 2004 Redfern riots. The ticketing area and station master's office were significantly damaged - and the windows in the front of the station were bricked up for almost a year afterwards to prevent further attacks. They have since been replaced with glass windows.

Station configuration[edit]

Incomplete platforms at Redfern Station

Redfern has 12 platforms - 10 above ground (linked by stairs to the concourse at Lawson Street), and 2 underground (linked by stairs and escalators to the concourse at Gibbons Street). The two concourses are linked. Station offices and facilities such as toilets and the main indicator boards are located next to the Lawson Street entry.

As part of the construction of the Eastern Suburbs Railway (now platforms 11 and 12), it was proposed to build up to four platforms for the underground route (similar to Central.) Two of these platforms were built and now are Platforms 11 and 12, however, the two platforms above were half constructed above Platforms 11 and 12. These are visible through a small gap in the wall opposite Platform 11, as well as by a boarded up entry portal under the Lawson Street Bridge (which was to be the down track), and a now filled-in dive tunnel under the Wells Street Sectioning Hut on the Central side of Lawson Street (which was to be the up track). The area in which the platforms were to be situated is visible from the station concourse at the entrance to Platform 10.

Platforms and services[edit]

The station serves all Sydney Trains suburban lines except the airport branch of the Airport, Inner West & South Line and the Cumberland Line. One service per weekday from the Carlingford line stops at Redfern Platform 1. In peak hours, to serve connecting passengers and students at the University of Sydney; NSW TrainLink Intercity services to the Blue Mountains, Newcastle and the Central Coast and the South Coast also stop at the station to pick up or set down during weekday peak hours.

Despite an extension of the platform in the late 1990s, Platform 1 is considered a short platform, and passengers are asked to travel in the front six carriages of Intercity trains using the platform.

The station is served by eighteen to twenty-six trains per hour each way, with additional trains during weekday peak hours.

Services are listed on this box:

Platform Line Stopping pattern Notes
Express service to Central One service per weekday
Central Coast & Newcastle Line Weekday peak hour intercity services to Central Set down only
Blue Mountains Line Weekday peak hour intercity services to Central
South Coast Line Weekday peak hour intercity services to Central
2 Central Coast & Newcastle Line Weekday peak hour intercity services to Gosford, Wyong and Newcastle via Strathfield Pick up only
Blue Mountains Line Weekday peak hour intercity services to Springwood, Katoomba, Mt Victoria and Lithgow via Parramatta
South Coast Line Weekday peak hour intercity services to Thirroul, Wollongong, Port Kembla, Dapto and Kiama via Wolli Creek
Special events and weekday off peak services to Olympic Park
Suburban all stations and limited stops services to Chatswood via the City and North Sydney, then on to Hornsby via Macquarie Park or Berowra via Gordon
Suburban all stations and limited stops services to Epping, Richmond or Emu Plains via Strathfield; peak hour services to Hornsby via Strathfield
Suburban all stations services to Central from Strathfield then on to City Circle
Suburban all stations and limited stops services to Glenfield and Campbelltown via Granville and Homebush
Suburban all stations services to Central from Sydenham then on to City Circle
Suburban all stations services to Central from Sydenham then on to City Circle Peak hours only
Suburban all stations and limited stops services to Bankstown, Lidcombe and Liverpool via Sydenham
Suburban express services to Campbelltown and Macarthur via Sydenham and East Hills Peak hours only
Suburban services to Central commencing from Redfern then on to City Circle Some weekday morning and afternoon services
Suburban services to Central commencing from Redfern then on to City Circle
Terminating services from City Circle Some weekday morning and night services
Terminating services from City Circle
Suburban all stations services to Bondi Junction via Central Some peak hour services from the South Coast Line
Suburban all stations and limited stops services to Hurstville, Mortdale, Sutherland, Cronulla, and Waterfall via Hurstville Some peak hour intercity services to Thirroul, Wollongong and Port Kembla
13 / 14 Incomplete platforms These were not fully constructed; are situated west of Platforms 11 & 12 and behind Platform 10

Accessibility and exits[edit]

Underground platforms serve the Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra line

The station has three main exits - the main entrance and exit on Lawson Street next to the ticketing area (Exit A on the diagram below), a second entrance on Gibbons Street (especially for passengers using platforms 11 and 12) (Exit B on the diagram below), and a third exit to the Australian Technology Park, which is accessed by walking along platform 10 (Exit C on the diagram). During peak hours, the entrance to platform 10 is blocked by fare gates to prevent fare evasion by those travelling to the Technology Park area; these are opened during off-peak times or on the rare occasion when a train needs to stop at the platform. The other two entrances have their fare gates operating at all times.

At present, Redfern does not have Easy Access for wheelchairs. All above-ground platforms are accessible by stairs, so this would hinder most wheelchair access to the station. Platforms 11 and 12 are accessible by either stairs or escalators from a separate concourse near the Gibbons Street exit.

Despite numerous promises from the State Government, Redfern Station still remains without lifts to service the needs of the elderly and the disabled. It is the busiest station in all of the Sydney network not to provide disabled access. Two recent promises from the NSW State Government in August 2013 and again in January 2014 stating lift access has been approved have so far been shown to be empty promises.

In April 2006, Transport Minister John Watkins announced plans for a $2 million inquiry into concept designs for upgrading the station, including Easy Access facilities. The station requires upgrading due to an influx of new residents and workers set to result from the Redfern-Waterloo urban renewal project.[1]


Since 2013 there have been a number of announcements concerning major upgrades for Redfern Station including the building of a lift to platforms 6 and 7, making the station accessible to customers in wheelchairs and parents with prams for the first time, as part of the $770 million Transport Access Program.[2][3][4] Current progress is shown at Accessibility upgrade – public display of Review of Environmental Factors. On 17 December 2014 Transport for NSW invited customers to provide feedback on plans for the new lift at Redfern station, as planning documents for the project were on public display until 22 January 2015.[5]Planning approval has been received for these upgrades with work commencing on 13 April 2015[6]

Station map[edit]

Station layout


Station Concourse
Offices/Other Facilities
Ticket Barriers

Transport links[edit]

Redfern does not have a connecting bus interchange. However, a stop close to the Gibbons Street entrance (near platforms 11 & 12) serves the following Sydney Buses routes:

  • 305: Railway Square to Qantas Centre, Mascot via Alexandria[7]
  • 308: Millers Point (Argyle Street) to Marrickville Metro (Smidmore Street) via Alexandria[8]
  • 309/310: Port Botany to Circular Quay (inbound only). There are also peak hour express service equivalents X09 & X10.[9]
  • L09: Peak hour limited stops service to Port Botany Bus Depot (Bumborah Point Road)[9]

Redfern station is served by one NightRide route which stops at the same bus stop as do replacement buses during trackwork:

There are stops further afield in Lawson Square, Botany Road and Redfern Street servicing bus routes to the City, Railway Square, Matraville, Pagewood and Marrickville.


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